Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Reading Tutor for Nintendo DS ~ Product Review

My Reading Tutor for DS

I was recently given the opportunity to use and review the learning game My Reading Tutor for Nintendo DS. The game was developed by the Mentor Interactive Company and is rated E (for everyone). The target audience is young readers.

This is not a game just thrown together on a whim. The University of Colorado took many years and millions of dollars to create the software that this game uses as it's base. Then they went to 50 schools and used it with over 2,500 students to test the effectiveness of it. They found that students using the software showed a significant improvement in their test scores when compared to students who had not used it.

As a parent, I often struggle with my children about video game content. That is not a problem with My Reading Tutor. The more they play, the more basic phonics and reading skills are reinforced. There is also a parent mode to check your child's progress, which I thought was a very wise feature.

The game will provide the student with lessons from their virtual teacher as they work through 14 complete storybooks. There are games and puzzles, too. My boys especially enjoyed the activity where they could record their own voices while reading.

Here is how the website describes the game:
My Reading Tutor is a fun to play, comprehensive, scientifically-based tutoring program that teaches children to read through a scientifically-based methodology of guidelines from the National Reading Panel. My Reading Tutor has four fundamental strengths that make it perfect for the task of teaching children to read: proven effectiveness, individualized instruction, engaging interaction and the intimacy of one on one instruction.

The game has also be recognized with awards by many parenting and gaming organizations.

Award Winning Game

We all thought this was a fun way to learn reading skills. It has the added benefit of being a reward, or something that would be considered fun, rather than work. I think a struggling or differently abled reader would especially appreciate this.


**I was given a copy of My Reading Tutor to use with my family in order to write an informed review. I was not compensated and my opinions are my own.