Thursday, January 27, 2011

TenMarks Math - A Review

Since late December, I have been using an online math program called TenMarks to supplement our homeschool math curriculum. Using TenMarks is like having a personal math tutor available at any time. Students can work at their own pace as they reinforce known concepts, and learn new ones.

The program was developed by parents for children in grades 3 through 10. Following state standards they have incorporated over 100 core concepts into each grade levels coursework. They wanted the program to be based on three principles.
  1. Personalized Learning - The interactive nature of the program allows it to tailor worksheets that best suit the student based on their previous performance.
  2. On Demand Instruction - If a child is comfortable with the subject matter, they can complete their worksheets without assistance. If they are unsure of an answer they can use the hints feature. If they feel they need complete assistance, there is a tutorial video available with each question.
  3. Using Practice to Build Confidence and Improve Achievement - TenMarks designed their program to help students see their progress, and remain motivated. This also helps improve confidence.

To get started, I registered the boys and set up a parent account, too. Then I watched a few videos and did some sample worksheets to get an idea about how the program works. I clicked on the hints and the tutorial videos to see what they were like as well.

Once the boys were set up with accounts, they completed an assessment and the program generated their first worksheets for them. They schedule four ten question worksheets a week with one twenty question test. If your student is motivated to do more, that's possible, too.

Each week I am emailed a notice when the next set of worksheets is available.

We found that the TenMarks work has been coinciding nicely with what we are studying in our core math curriculum, so that worked out well. However, if this is not the case for a student, it can be manipulated or the very responsive customer service department will help tailor a program more suited to your child.

I love that there is an ability to pause the program. This came in handy during the Holiday Season. They acknowledge that life happens. That's a nice touch.

Another great feature is that the student can see their level of mastery as they progress through the program. There are little figures for each subject area and they fill in red as the child works through his worksheets.

The student can also see their report card, and print of a certificate when they achieve mastery of a subject. My boys love certificates.

This certificate is part of what is called the reward zone. There are also games that can be unlocked by completing worksheets and passing tests. A parent may also set up a reward of their own that is fully customizable - including the ability to upload an image and set the parameters for earning it.

Through the parent account I can check past work, as well as what is coming up. I have the ability to rearrange, add or remove worksheet albums, check student progress and make note of their strengths and weaknesses.

All of the worksheets are multiple choice or true/false. There should be scratch paper and pencils available at the computer.

You can add TenMarks to your homeschooling for $10.00 per month, $49.00 for six months, or $89.00 for a 12 month subscription. There is free trial available before you commit.

To get started, visit the TenMarks Homepage . If you still have questions or concerns after navigation the site, you may contact them by email using as the address. Their headquarters is located just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, in Newton, MA.

Quite a few of the members of The Old Homeschool Magazine's Review Crew have been using TenMarks with their families, too.

**I was given a free trial subscription to the TenMarks website in order to evaluate it and post a review here on my blog. I was not compensated in any way, and my opinions are my own.