Monday, February 14, 2011

The Infinity Towel Warmer by Warmly Yours ~ Product Review

Warmly Yours Logo

This has been an absolutely awful winter here in New York. I try not to whine too much, but I freely admit that the cold wears me down both physically and emotionally.

Almost two weeks ago, in the midst of a blizzard, the UPS man came to my door with a most wonderful package addressed to me. Inside the box was an Infinity Towel Warmer made by the Warmly Yours Company.
Warmly Yours Infinity Warmer

This photo doesn't really do it justice. If you look at it's page on the Warmly Yours website, you'll see what an attractive unit it is. It is made of ten brushed steel bars with one wider spaced opening for thicker items - like a robe, perhaps. It warms using only a fraction of the energy that the liquid filled warmers do.

We received the plug in model, but there is also a hard wired version with a timer. My husband was able to install this by himself with a few household tools. However, if you order one, and would like some help through the installation process, there is a 24 hour Tech support team available.

I had a few questions before the warmer arrived. I sent them by email, and received prompt, courteous replies.

This warmer is about nine pounds,24 and half inches wide, and 32 inches tall. Although this is the plug in version, it is a stationary device. It cannot be moved. There is a six foot cord, and a 120 volt outlet is needed. There is a two year manufacturers warranty on this unit.

I found that the Infinity warms the towels quite nicely. Not too hot, but a comfortable, cozy warmth that feels fantastic. I like to tun it on about ten minutes before I get into the shower; however, even if I get sidetracked, and it takes me more than an hour, the towel temperature remains the same. The bars are warm, but not so hot that I ever worry about them.

The Infinity Towel warmer by Warmly Yours has been a magnificent addition to my morning routine. This is just one of six different models of towel warmers they offer but it is the only model that has a plug in option. If we ever do a bathroom remodel, the Portofino is definitely on my wish list!

Speaking of wish lists.. you have got to have a look around the Warmly Yours Website. I want one of everything!! I can only imagine how nice the floor heating would feel under my hardwood. They also have area rug warmers, and heated mats for under desks.

Those of us who have spent the past few months shoveling, would love the snow melting products. Can you imagine a heated driveway, sidewalk or patio? How about gutters and roofs that de-ice themselves? The choices range from a simple heated mat for the entry area, to a complete melting system that allows you to sit inside and drink cocoa while your neighbors are firing up the snow blowers.

Count on Warmly Yours to take you through the entire process. They will provide pricing, project planning, recommended installers, and great customer support.

Warmly Yours also has a fun facebook page. They will keep you up to date with reviews and contests, and they are funny and interactive, too. It's worth stopping by and liking them just to get to know the staff who post on the page.

Their twitter account is @WarmlyYours

There is a Flicker account, with tons of photos of the products being installed and used.
Every Industry has a leader, and the radiant heating business is no exception...
I am crazy about my Infinity towel warmer, and I would definitely recommend the Warmly Yours brand. I'd love to have all of their products.. someday.


***The Warmly Yours company provided me with an Infinity Towel Warmer so that I could make an informed review about the product. I was not compensated for my post, and my opinions are genuine.