Sunday, February 27, 2011

Musicopoulos ~ Music Theory and Practice ~ iTunes app Review and Giveaway

Last week, I had the opportunity to download and work with the Musicopoulos App, an absolutely brilliant offering from SpartanApps.

This application (available from the iTunes store for $1.99) packs music theory, practice, and testing into less than 25 MB that can be carried around on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

While it is rated 4+, I think it is really better suited for at least 8 and up. The user should at least have a basic knowledge of music theory or the vocabulary will go over their head.

As I mentioned, I was really quite impressed by Musicopoulos. It teaches theory, and also provides sight reading practice. There are Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels of instruction. As a homeschooling mother, I sat up and took notice right away of what a useful tool this application will be. Once my boys have some basic music knowledge, this will be an excellent way to reinforce and build on what I have taught them.

The theory lessons consist of :
  • Notes and Intervals
  • Introduction to Scales
  • Relationship Between Scales
  • Key Signatures
  • Major Chords
  • Chords Continued
  • Diatonic Chords
  • Chromatic Intervals
  • Relative Minor Scale
  • Harmonic Minor Scale
  • Melodic Minor Scale

The Sight Reading Practice also covers all the bases. It includes:
  • Clef Notes
  • Clef Notes, Sharps and Flats
  • Key Signatures
  • Clef Notes and Key Signatures

The App is easy to use. The theory is presented in written form,along with the sound of piano, guitar or orchestra strings. ( you may choose your preference in the settings area) After you have read an understand the material, you will do the corresponding practice exercises. These are timed, and keep score. When beginner practice is mastered, intermediate is available, and finally the advanced level.

The sight reading is just as you would imagine. The notes are presented and the user enters what note he sees. I think musicians of many different skill levels could benefit from this application. I definitely recommend this one to anyone looking to take their understanding of music theory to the next level. It's fun, and the hands on practice helps to reinforce the lessons.

The app is only available from the iTunes store, however, THREE of my readers will be given a code for a free download of Musicopoulos!

[Giveaway Closed]

**I was given this application to use in exchange for my honest, blogged review. I was not compensated, and my opinions are genuine.