Monday, February 21, 2011

The Total Focus Program by Legacy Publishing

The Total Focus Program

We've been given a new product to try in our house. It's the Total Focus Program, developed by Dr. Robert Myers, a child psychologist. The program was developed to help parents and teachers of children with ADD and ADHD to assist and encourage these children into better attention, concentration and self control.

While my children are not diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, they do have Asperger Syndrome. They have to work hard to keep from being distracted. It may not be for the same reasons, but the behaviors are similar, and they have asked me for help with this.

We will be going through the Audio CD program which begins with an Introductory CD for parents to listen to. This is mostly facts about attention deficit disorders and how the program is designed to work. Then we will start the workbook, which has an introduction, and a checklist of behaviors and a rating system to decide the severity of each trait. I would score my boys high in fidgeting and distracted by outside stimuli, but low in other areas because they are able to give close attention to details in their work, and complete assignments given to them.

There are six workbook chapters and three more accompanying Audio CDs. There is also a bonus CD with helpful hints. There is no proper schedule for this, but the lessons are meant to be done in order, at the pace that works best for each family. Another nice feature is the parent support help line. If at any time I need help, feel frustrated, or don't understand what should be doing, help is a phone call away.

Total Focus is designed for the typical family with a child in public school, so there are areas where the teacher is called upon to be involved. I think this is important, because there needs to be consistency. In my case, as a homeschooling parent, I've learned to tweak a program without batting an eye, so that shouldn't be a problem. I think in respect to this I will have an advantage. It will be much easier for me to follow through with instructions than it would be for a teacher with 25-35 other students.

To learn more about Total Focus, you may visit the web page.

There are separate plans for children 10 and under vs those 10 and up. Because of the difference in these age groups and I'm glad it is designed that way.

I'll be blogging about this program along the way, so you'll get my opinions as well as my impressions of how it's working with the boys.

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**Legacy Publishing has provided me with the Total Focus program so that I may chronicle our experience here on my blog, and share it with my readers. I receive no compensation.  I am not an affiliate for the company.