Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm Nuts About Nutella!

I just hosted a fun Nutella Party thanks to the good people at Mommy Parties.  Mommy Parties finds moms who will use word of mouth campaigns to help other parents learn about some great products that are available.

I love Nutella.  It's creamy chocolate and hazelnut goodness.  There are over 50 hazelnuts in every jar.  It's peanut and gluten free, Kosher,does not contain hydrogenated oils or trans fats, is low in sodium, has no artificial colors or preservatives, and is super easy to use in so many delicious ways.  I was really happy to be chosen to get the word out about a product I like so much.

Once I was selected, Mommy Parties sent me a box of  supplies.

Nutella Party Supplies

I put together some goodie bags for my guests filled with recipes for using Nutella at breakfast, a tip card, a coupon, a special spreader, a sample of Nutella and a travel tumbler.

Nutella Goodie Bags

I made some of the breakfast ideas, like these honey wheat english muffins, with nutella spread and strawberries,


And some other treats, like these Nutella brownies:

Nutella Brownies

The kids liked them!


The grownups did, too!

nutella party

Everybody learned a lot about the importance of a good breakfast, and how Nutella is a great way to start the day.   I did a great infomercial, and everybody loved seeing what they would be able to take home after the party.

Nutella Party

 Right now is a great time to visit the Nutella website.  You will find a $1.00 off coupon, a contest to win a case of Nutella, tips and recipes, a store to buy brand merchandise,  and pretty much anything you ever wanted to know about Nutella.

If you'd like to know more about Mommy Parties, their website address is www.mommyparties.com . You'll also find them on Facebook and Twitter.


**Mommy Parties and Nutella brand provided the materials pictured above so that  I could host this party, and provide this blogged information.  There was no monetary compensation, and my opinions are my own.