Friday, March 18, 2011

What Time Is It? An App for Learning to tell Time ~ Review and Giveaway

What Time is it app

What Time Is It? is a sweet and simple application for iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.  It is designed to help little ones learn to tell time using an analog clock.  It is fun for children, but it is not a game.  It's meant to be an interactive learning tool for parents or teachers to use with young ones.

Once opened, the first screen you will see is a clock face like the one pictured above.  It can be manipulated by the user.  If you ask a child to set a time, they can touch and drag the clock hands.  Conversely, you could set the hands and have the child tell you the time.  When you are finished, this screen will automatically change to display the current time.  You have the ability to adjust the setting on this to have it occur anywhere from 1 second to 2 minutes after you've last moved the hands.

The storybook portion of the app is seven pages long.  It begins by telling the child about the many different types of clocks.  The narrator is English and speaks with an accent, and the spelling is UK English. (eg. analogue)  When the text is touched, the story is read aloud by the narrator.   If the pictures are touched, they will make the appropriate sounds.

Next, the different parts of the clock are taught.  The face, the hour hand, and the minute hand.  The concept of clockwise direction is also introduced.

Each hour of the day is shown on a separate clock face for the child to see and study.

Then the 60 minutes in an hour concept is taught.  First by showing how each time the big hand moves to another number five minutes have past, then by showing a clocks at various times, such as 5 minutes past the hour, 15 minutes past the hour, 30 minutes past the hour, and 45 minutes past, (or a quarter until) the next hour.  Both text and illustrations are used.  The pictures also show the small hand slowly moving to the next number as the hour progresses.

This app is rated 4+ and is offered by in the educational category.  The current price is $1.99.   This app is the winner of the 4th place prize in the 2010 Holiday App Award’s Best Children's Christmas App category by ComboApp Marketing & Publishing Agency.

Here is the developer's description:
Hours of learning fun. Simple interface, just drag the hands to the required time and ask your child a multitude of different types of questions.
  • ★ What time is it?
  • ★ How long until .. time?
  • ★ How much time has passed since ..?
The sky is the limit and the learning possibilities are countless.

Warning: please note that this application requires you to sit down and interact with your kids.
If you think this would be a good tool for use with your children, I have great news!  I will be awarding one of my readers their own download of What Time Is It?

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**I was given this app to use for free in exchange for my blogged review.  I was not compensated.