Thursday, April 7, 2011

Science Weekly ~ A Review

science weekly

Science Weekly is a science supplement that is published in a newsletter format.  It is published 15 times a school year.  These 11 x 17 pages will arrive at your home or school folded in half and ready to be 3 hole punched to add to a science binder.

Each issue will focus on a main theme.  We received one about composting.  The front page gives  a brief description of the topic with illustrations, highlighted key words, and a few interesting facts.  Inside, there are activities that tie in with the main theme, but incorporate writing, vocabulary, math and reading.   The issues also contained a four week composting experiment.  Because this arrived in early February, we decided we would wait for warmer weather here in NY before setting up composting buckets.  We did take time to discuss each step of the process, and what we thought would occur as each week went by.    If Spring ever decides to arrive in New York, we are looking forward to seeing if our predictions are correct.  The back page has a challenge, and a puzzle activity.

science weekly

Each Science Weekly topic is published in six different levels.  There is Pre-A, for Kindergarden students, A for first grade, B for second, C is for third, D is for fourth, and E is for fifth.

As you would expect, as the levels progress, the information does as well.  The issues for the little ones are mainly pictures and simple vocabulary with a few fun activities, and the composting experiment was very basic, using a ziplock bag.  By level E there was discussion of soil structure, which materials produce more nitrogen, and which are high  in carbon.

There is also a page of Teacher's Notes.  Some teaching guidelines for each level are included, along with the answer keys for the activities in each of the pages.

Each issue is written to comply with the National Education Standard.   More than 1,000 school districts here in America use Science Weekly, and a growing number of schools abroad are discovering Science Weekly, too.

science weekly
By now you'd probably like to see some of these pages.  There are  some sample pages on their website.  If you go to the page you will find each of the levels for their Coral Reef Edition, as well as the teaching notes.

While you're visiting the webpage, there are some interactive activities, too.

Science Weekly is available by subscription.  If you will be ordering for less than 20 students, the cost is $19.95 each year for 15 issues.  For schools, co-ops, or any situation where you would be buying 20 or more it is $4.95 each year.    A page of teacher's notes is included, but if you will require morethan one set, you can call their customer service and they will make a note of it.
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  • the telephone number is: 1.800.4.WEEKLY
Some of the other TOS crewmates also reviewed Science Weekly. Some used this one about composting, some families learned about the flu, and others had issues about fractions.  You can visit the crew blog and see their reviews , too.


** As a member of the Old SchoolHouse Crew, I was given issues of Science Weekly in order to provide an informed review.  My opinions are my own.