Monday, April 18, 2011

SodaStream ~ Make Your Own Soda at Home!

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I love kitchen gadgets and both Boy One and I think soda is a great treat.   We were both excited when we had the opportunity to do a product review for the Soda Stream system!  SodaStream allowed us to turn ordinary tap water into great tasting carbonated soda in lots of interesting flavors.

When the box first arrived, I unpacked all of the contents.


Wow!  Along with the housing unit, there was a bottle of CO2 for carbonating, 8 flavors for soda, 3 flavors for sparkling water, and two one liter bottles to make the soda in.

Setting up was easy.  I just popped the back off, uncapped the CO2 bottle, and screwed it tightly into place.


I returned the back cover to its proper place so the canister was no longer visible, and it was all set.

We couldn't wait to get started, so we used cold water right from the cooler.  (If you don't have this option, be sure to chill some water in the fridge first)  Boy One filled the bottle to the line indicated on the side.


The filled bottle fits into the machine, and screws into place.


Once it's secure, we began pushing the button on top to add carbonation.  We loved watching the bubbles shoot into the bottle.


We knew we had enough bubbles when we pushed the button and it made a buzzing noise.  I carefully removed the bottle, and the soda flavoring was added.  Boy One chose Ginger Ale.  He added a capful, then I closed the bottle and gently mixed the favor in.  TaDa!  Ginger Ale!


When I asked him how he liked it, I got the "It's cool!" sign, and he said, "It tastes just like  (insert name of world famous ginger ale here)!!"


So, as you can see -  it's easy, it's fun, and we like the way it tastes!

There are plenty of other reasons to get a SodaStream.   For instance, the flavors.  My favorite right now is Cranberry/Raspberry.  You'll find the usual favorites - cola, grape, orange.. but also some fun, exotic flavors, too, like Green Tea Strawberry Kiwi, or  Orange Mango.  They also have Energy Drinks, and Essence flavors for a lighter sparkling water.  All of the flavors have NO high fructose corn syrup, and NO Aspertame.  They do have Splenda brand sucralose, but beginning in May there will be a new flavor line available, with  ALL NATURAL ingredients.  

SodaStream products (including carbonators) are available through their website store, or you can find a retailer through their website.   There are several different models of SodaStream.   The one in the review is the Fountain Jet, and is usually about $79.99.  A bottle of flavoring makes about six liters of soda, and the carbonation bottle lasts for about 130 uses.  The CO2 bottles are returned and refilled when empty.

Other things I love about SodaStream:

  • The bottles are free of PCB and BPA
  • No bottle deposit fees or recycling station hassles
  • Everybody's favorite flavor fits in one bag, and lasts for months
  • A money back guarantee
  • A two year warranty
  • A liter of soda costs about a quarter
  • There is no power resource required
We like the Soda Stream very much, and we're definitely looking forward to the new all natural flavors coming out next month!

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**I was provided with the products you see here in order to provide an informed review.  This is not a sponsored or compensated post, and my opinions are genuine.