Sunday, April 17, 2011

Start Marriage Right ~ A Website Review

Your Wedding Day is Just the Beginning.  You Can Have a Lifelong Marriage. is a completely free website for engaged couples.  The goal of the site is to encourage couples to think beyond the wedding day, and forward to their marriage.  There are articles, videos, links, and exercises provided by a variety of marriage experts.

There is so much to consider before saying "I do", and there will be so many situations encountered after the wedding day is over.  There will be extended family issues, the handling of money, and raising children.  Sometimes, difficult situations arise.  Perhaps sickness, the loss of a job, or betrayal.  How couples handle these trials can often make or break a marriage.  At their goal is to give couples the tools they will need to navigate these times, and strengthen their marriage bond.

A good place to start looking around the site is their blog page.  There are a wide variety of contributing authors, and a variety of topics are covered.  There are also many articles such like Complementing, not Conflicting, in Marriage, Switching Gears From Immaturity to Maturity in Marriage, and Road Map from Dating to Marriage.

The site is currently partnered with Moody Publishing, The Association of Marriage and Family Ministries, Faith Deployed, and Wedding Pastors, USA.  As you would expect, the site has a Christian perspective.  It also deals with content relating to marriage and intimacy.

A very nice site feature is the ability to submit a question.  Dr. Gary Chapman, a marriage and family life expert, and NY Times bestselling author of the Five Love Languages and Things I Wish I had Known Before I got Married will personally answer these.  You can also browse through previously asked questions in four areas, dating, engaged, newlywed and miscellaneous.

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