Friday, May 20, 2011

A Spring Promotion from ShutterFly - Father's Day and Graduation

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June is right around the corner, and soon it will be Father's Day. It's also the beginning of another new wedding season, and the last of the graduations will take place. It's the time of year to pack up and start heading off to vacation destinations, and family reunions, too.

These are the great times of our lives; the events we want to remember. Thankfully, technology keeps making it easier and easier to capture these moments with photography. We don't have to worry about Aunt Mary cutting the tops of everyone's head out of the frame, Uncle Mike closing his eyes, or Cousin Joe talking with his hands and ruining the shot. (I can't tell you how many rolls of film we used to develop only to find burry, dark, or terrible shots!) We're so lucky to be able to see our pictures right away and retake any that don't come out well!

ShutterFly has wonderful ways to make these memories lasting, and special. If you get the pictures, ShutterFly will help you make them into keepsakes your family can cherish.

They have a great selection of award winning photobooks and photo gifts to choose from. You'll also want to order plenty of prints to frame or share.

Shutterfly also has everything you need to make special photo announcements, invitations, or thank you notes.

While you're looking around the ShutterFly site, be sure to look for great coupon codes. There is always some sort of special being offered.

I've used ShutterFly for years, and I have always been happy and satisfied with the quality, the service, and the communication I have experienced. I think you will be, too.