Sunday, May 1, 2011

Chicken Soup For The Soul - My Cat's Life, and My Dog's Life - Book Reviews

Chicken Soup for the Soul - Pets

I love the Chicken Soup For the Soul books.  These collections of short stories always find a way to touch my heart.  They can make me smile, or tear up and often make me think about my own life, too.    I was very happy when the publishers invited me to be one of their review bloggers.

My first books to review were Chicken Soup for the Soul, My Cat's Life - 101 Stories About the Ages and Stage of of our Feline Family Members and Chicken Soup for the Soul, My Dog's Life - 101 Stories About the Ages and Stages of Our Canine Family Members.   Both books are by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Jennifer Quasha, with forwards by Wendy Diamond.

If you read this blog regularly, you know I'm a cat person.  I will occasionally post a picture of my little furballs, or share a story about them.  Naturally, I read the cat book first.  I laughed, I sniffled, and I thought of the many four legged friends I have had over the years.

The book is broken down into eleven sections and some appendices.  The stories are grouped into: Irresistible ~ Eat, Play, Love ~ Do You Know How Much I Knead You? ~Who's The Boss ~ I am Cat, Hear Me Roar! ~It's the Cat's Meow ~ A Purrfect Life ~ Are You Stalking to Me? ~ For All Nine Lives ~ Over The Rainbow ~ (and)  I'll Always Love You. These are followed by bios of the contributors, authors and Wendy Diamond.  Next are thank you pages, and some information about the Chicken Soup books and how to contribute a story.

Tales of accidental adoptions, cats who helped comfort lonely people, cats who softened hearts, and memoirs of cats who are no longer living fill the pages.  There are stories of new ownership, kittenhood, "teens", adulthood, senior years, saying goodbye and recovering from the loss of a beloved pet.  I read through the entire book in two days.  I will leave it out for a while, because like most Chicken Soup for the Soul books, people like to pick them up and read a story or two.

I waited a day to start Chicken Soup for the Soul, My Dog's Life. Because I have never had a dog, I didn't think I would enjoy it as much.  I was wrong.  The first story I read was about a dog who was a bit misunderstood.  When his owners saw him in the proper perspective, their hearts were changed.  I thought of how often this happens with people, in real life.  I turned the page to the next story, and before I knew it I was halfway through the book.

In a format similar to My Cat's Life, this one has ten chapters; A Bundle of Fur ~ Chew on This ~ Who's the Boss? ~ It's a Ruff Life ~ For the Love of Dog ~ Leader of the Pack ~ these Old Bones ~A Walk Down Memory Lane ~ Over the Rainbow ~ (and) I'll Always Love You.  From their first days to their last, the stories of these faithful companions were all wonderful.  The bios and informational pages, close out this book, too.

Both editions can be purchased from Amazon or Barnes and Noble in either paperback or e-book format.

Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen are co-founders of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Jennifer Quasha is a published author of more than forty books, a freelance writer, and editor, with a focus on pets.

Wendy Diamond is a pet lifestyle expert who is dedicated to animal rescue and welfare.
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**I was given a copy of each of these books for review purposes.  I was not compensated for this review, and my opinions are genuine.