Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Healing Autism Naturally ~ A Book Review

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I just finished reading Healing Autism Naturally.   In this brand new book, Autism Mom Becky Cash provides a wealth of information, a whole lot of her personal experience, and a huge dose of encouragement, too.

I smiled as I leafed through the pages the first time.  I could tell that Becky is quite skilled at dealing with spectrum disorders just by the way the book is organized.  Each chapter is clearly defined.  The first page is a neat outline using bullet points and bolding.  The reader knows exactly what will be in the chapter.   I really liked this, and it will be very useful when I go back to look up specific information.

There is a Preface, an Introduction, nine chapters, some Resource Pages, and a few blank pages for notes.

The chapters are:
  1. Our Story
  2. An Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder
  3. How Traditional Medicine Handles ASD
  4. A Growing Body of Non-Traditional Approaches to ASD
  5. Supplementation
  6. ASD and Diet
  7. ASD and your Family
  8. How to Handle the System
  9. Conclusion
I really appreciate Mrs. Cash's writing style.  It's very informative without being dry or boring.  She adds personal stories and examples, so by the end of the book I felt like she was an old friend.

Her purpose for writing Healing Autism Naturally, was to share her story and what worked for her.  The goal is to help other families to get their children the help and information that she feels would benefit them, faster.  Because all of our kids are different, but similar, and have myriads of symptoms and manifestations, the current medical community is at a bit of a loss as to what to do with all of them.  She discusses her journey from the first nagging "something isn't right" moments to diagnoses, and beyond.  Then she writes about how she made her decisions to start trying alternative methods of treating her children, and what worked for her.

In this book, you will read about supplements, diet, communication assistance, how to be your child's advocate, and where to find support  when you need it.  You'll even find some kid friendly recipes to help make dietary changes a little bit easier for everyone.

If you would like a copy of this 226 page, paperback book, it is available through the website, or Amazon for $15.95.   Amazon also has a Kindle Edition for $9.99.
Autism is a journey. It need not be a journey without direction. The sooner our children and loved ones get the services and treatments they need and deserve, the sooner they can get on the path to healing. In Healing Autism Naturally, Becky Cash helps parents and caregivers sort through the options and map out a course of action for both immediate and long-term results. Healing Autism Naturally also serves as a much-needed guide that members of the medical and professional community can use and hand to parents. No longer are a sympathetic look and a pat on the shoulder the only tools that can be used to help parents. Healing Autism Naturally provides the answers that can help a family navigate the journey and get their children and loved ones help, faster.

You can read more about Healing Autism Naturally, follow Becky's Blog, ASD Perspectives, and "like" Autism Advice and Consulting - ASD Prespectives - on facebook, too.

Becky Cash also offers nutritional counseling, and consulting/coaching for families with autism.

About Becky Cash:
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Becky Cash, along with her loving husband and their beautiful children, call Central Indiana home. After spending many years working with children and graduating from Bowling Green State University in Ohio, Becky began a career in Youth Ministry. In 2000, after the birth of their second child, Becky went home to raise her family. However, life did not slow down. The birth of their third child and the on-set of health issues led Becky into a career in nutrition and later, to the creation of ASDPerspectives, a consulting program for families living and healing from autism. Becky has studied and worked in nutrition for 8 years and feels strongly that no family should have to spend years finding solutions. There is hope for families diagnosed with autism. Becky consults and speaks with families across the U.S. and abroad.


** I was given a copy of this book in order to write an informed review.  I was not paid for this review, and my opinions are genuine.