Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lil' Teammates Sports Collectables - A Review and Giveaway - TWO winners, Great For Father's Day!

Lil Teammates

My husband and I are sports fans.  HUGE sports fans!  In fact, if we were not both well versed and passionate hockey fans, we wouldn't be together today!

When I was given the opportunity to review the Lil Teammates figures, I was thrilled!  I am always collecting fun sports memorabilia.  Sitting in my office, I'm surrounded by sports nick-knacks.  I love all of them, but they are only to look at.

Lil Teammates are different.  You can play with them!  They are extremely durable, and there are no small parts, so even little ones can have fun.

Lil Teammates

Each figure stands about 3 inches high.  There are football, basketball, baseball and hockey players.  These are officially licensed by the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and over 65 colleges.  If you visit the website you'll see all of the teams, styles and availability.

Lil Teammates

Here are my Lil' Teammates.  All of my favorite teams are represented.  There's a NJ Devils Slapper, and one from the Montreal Canadiens.  The Yankees pitcher and batter are looking good in their pinstripes.. a NY Knicks Playmaker, and a Giants player, too.  The ref is there to make sure everyone gets along.

Oh.. wait.. who's that in the corner?  Oh, dear..

Lil Teammates

That's what happens when you let the NY Rangers in to a party.  Luckily, the ref was able to break it up before anyone got hurt.  (smile)

In reality, that little Ranger guy has been a whole lot of fun.  Knowing how much I dislike the Rangers, my children keep placing him in my bedroom, my bathroom, in the kitchen, or anywhere else I might find him and laugh.  (but that's okay - because my husband and I have been getting them back by putting Justin Beiber stuff in their room, on their ipods, in their pockets..  LOL)

The fun doesn't stop there, either. Lil' Teamates has a great interactive website.  You'll find trivia,and games on the homepage, and if you enter the code from the package there is an interactive area too.  Once registered, you'll learn more about your favorite teams, there are games, and you could even win free stuff! (yey!)

There are currently over 200 series one figures.  The new series two figures coming out this summer will have articulating body parts.  Right now, only the ref can move his arms.  (Did you notice them in the pictures above?)

The figures retail for about $7.99 each, but prices do vary.  You can find them in many team gift shops, sports stores, and other retailers.  You may also purchase online at

Lil Teammates

If you order between now and March of 2012, use the coupon code JWRX7349 for 15% off at

These would make a great gift for any sports fan aged 4 to 94.  The kids can play with them, parents can put them on their desk.  I think they'd work well for decorating a sheet cake, too, if you have a sports themed party.  They stand up on their own without toppling over, as you can see, so you wouldn't have to smoosh them in too deep..

To find our more, visit You'll also find Lil' Teammates on Facebook, and on Twitter.  (For a limited time, you'll also find a 25% off offer if you like the Facebook page!)

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*I received these products for free in order to write an informed blogged review.  My opinions are my own, and they are genuine.