Sunday, May 8, 2011

Robert Pierre - I'm All In - A Sneak Peek

Robert Pierre

I know that Robert Pierre's mother is a proud Mom today!

Robert, a high school senior who has committed his talent to glorifying God, is preparing to release his second CD - I'm All In - later this Summer with thinkaboutit records.   You can listen to four tracks NOW by visiting his NoiseTrade page.

Listen to:
  • Jesus
  • You Hold Me Now
  • Breaking My Heart
  • Identity
If you like the songs, you can download them for free if you help spread the word to family and friends by email, facebook or twitter.

Robert's first CD Inside Out was definitely 14 year old music.  The new CD shows his maturation both physically, with a deeper voice, and emotionally, with deeper lyrics and a more defined love for his Creator.  He wants to reach out to teens, especially.   The ones who are struggling to find their own identities.
Not many kids hit adolescence with a record deal and huge youth tour—and still keep up their grades. Meet Robert Pierre, an Orlando teen with a big voice and an even bigger heart—a talented basketball player and high school student who has found his Identity, and who’s reaching out with the message that students don't need to look to the world to define who they are.
After you've heard his new tracks, you can visit him on facebook and offer him your encouragement and feedback.  His website is . You can keep up with his touring schedule, media releases, and other news, or you could download his free iTunes app to stay connected that way.

The music is catchy, the lyrics are uplifting, and his faith is inspiring.  He's also a great student, a pretty good basketball player, and all around good kid.

Look for a CD review with giveaway in a few months.    :)