Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Day the Music Stopped - Free Download From iTunes through 5/27

Juno- the Day the Music Stopped

The Day the Music Stopped is a cute interactive storybook for little ones.  It is the story of Juno and her brother Rei Rei, and their adventure in an imaginary world of music.  On this day, one of their friends accidentally "shushes" Harmonia, and they all set out to bring the music back.

Juno- the Day the Music Stopped

Interspersed throughout the story are musical videos and games to play.  (I loved the Frogs!)

The story can be read aloud, or the app will read to your child.  You have the choice.  It is also possible to choose the segment you'd like to see without repeating the whole story.  The ability to play mini games independently of the story is another nice feature.

The Day the Music Stopped was developed by the Juno Jr division of the Juno company. The offer for a Free Download ends after Friday, May 27th. The app store price will then return to $2.99.

*I am not affiliated with the Juno company, I am not being compensated to make this post.