Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Three60 GEAR Sports Apparel – Great for Father’s Day

360 Gear Sports Wear

If you are sports fan, you probably like to wear your team’s jersey. You probably also have some Tee Shirts with their logo, or your favorite player’s name on the back.  But, do you have anything like Three60 Gear,?

Three60 Gear is a new line of sports apparel that uses full color photos of your favorite players to make unique, bright, shirts for the biggest fans of the games.

Choose from Major League Baseball:

three60 Gear Baseball

Three60 Gear Basketball

And coming soon, NHL styles will also be available.  (I’m definitely looking forward to those!!)

We tried out this one with Derek Jeter photos:

Three60 Gear Jeter

Three60 Gear Jeter

In addition to looking great, the shirts are also moisture wicking and antimicrobial.  If you work up a sweat, the shirt will dry quickly to keep you comfortable.  The antimicrobial feature will keep the fabric fresh and any odor under control.

Made of 100% polyester, these are machine washable in cold water, and can be put in the dryer at a low setting.  (Do not use bleach or an iron!)

The feel is very smooth and silky.  it slips right through my fingers and is very light weight.  It’s comfortable to wear, and the seams are well sewn.

Each shirt also has a numbered patch on the lower left side, in the front.  It looks like this.

Three60 Gear Numbered Patch

This number is the key to the details on the shirt.  If you go to website, you can enter the numbers, and you’ll get information regarding the photos used to create your shirt.  If you looked up this number, you would learn that on the front, Derek is batting in the first inning against the Phillies.  This was during game 6 of the 2009 world Series.  The Yankees won the game 7-3, and they also won the series that night.  (Yey!)

The photo on the back is from October of the same year – Derek throws the ball to first base during game 2 against the Twins.

Each shirt is hand crafted.  They are available in Adult sizes Small – 2XL, and cost $54.99.  Some styles are also available in Youth sizes for $49.99.  Right now, you can get Free Shipping on all orders.

To see the products in better detail, please visit  If you have any questions, the contact information is:

Three60 Gear™
2465 Centerline Industrial Drive
St. Louis, MO 63043
Toll Free: 1-855-360-GEAR (4327)

If you receive your shirt and it’s not what you had hoped for, returns must be made within 30 days (60 days during the Holiday season) as long as it’s unworn and still has the tags attached.

To keep up with special offers and new designs, you can find Three60 GEAR on Twitter as @Three60Gear and also on FaceBook.


**I was provided with the shirt depicted above in exchange for an honest, blogged review. I was not compensated.