Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wool Dryer Balls from the Willow Store – Review with Giveaway – ends6/05

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I love clean, soft clothes, and so do my boys.  We are all very sensory, so we don’t like too much scent, and we don’t want scratchy clothes.  Fabric softener has never been optional around here.

So, what is in fabric softener, anyway?  Well, I don’t know, exactly.  There have been quite a few claims made that the chemicals used are not beneficial to humans, which caused me to seek alternatives to my usual methods.  I tried using tennis balls, first.  That lasted about 10 minutes before he noise of it had me ready to jump out of my skin.  They made a huge racket!  I tried several other items that made great claims, and they either didn’t work, or I had the same noise problem.  I finally settled on dye free, scent free sheets.

Last week, I had the chance to try out the Willow Store’s all wool dryer balls. These are different, and better!

The balls are about 9 inches in diameter, and fit in the palm of my hand.  They are made in the USA of soft, domestic wool, and come in either a creamy, natural tone, or fun, hand dyed colors.

Wool Dryer Balls

All you have to do is pop two or three in the dryer with your wet laundry and they will soften the clothes, reduce the time it takes for them to dry, and reduce static.  While these balls also make noise, it’s a much softer, more tolerable sound.  They are able to be reused for years, too.  So, the pennies saved will definitely add up over time!

To buy some of these for yourself, you can visit the website. Bought separately, they are $6.95 each.  A 3-pack is $19.95.

While you’re visit the website, you might want to check out their selection of cloth diapers, training pants, and feminine products.  They also have organic sacks, and sleep products.

There is also a special offer available on the web site.  If you place an order over $50 you will receive a free gift.  To keep up with new products or special offers, you can follow the Willow store on Facebook and Twitter, or sign up for their newsletter on their site.  They also have a blog that you can follow.

The Willow Store has been very generous, and is offering one of my readers a set of three dryer balls.

Wool Dryer Balls

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**I was given a set of 3 dryer balls in order to conduct an honest, informed review.  I was not compensated for this post.