Monday, June 27, 2011

My Baby's Beat iPhone App

my baby's beat

Before I ever had children of my own, I worked as a Labor and Delivery nurse.   One of the first things I learned was how sweet the sound of a baby's heartbeat is to a mother.  As soon as I would get the monitor on and we'd hear the sound and see the tracing, I could see that special look - the one that I would come to understand later when I had children of my own.   Normally, during pregnancy, an expectant mom will only hear that precious sound a handful of times.

There is a special App to change that - it is called My Baby's Beat and all you'll need is an iPhone or iPod Touch and a set of headphones to use it.

I have not had the opportunity to try this on a pregnant woman, but I did listen to and record my own heartbeat.  It worked great!  It sounded just like an ultrasound without the gel mess, belts and wires.

Obviously this is for personal use, and is not a substitute for prenatal care - but what a joy it must be for expectant parents in their last ten weeks to listen to their little one's heartbeat and movement whenever they want to!

The app is so simple to use.  Just open it, put your earbuds in, place the iPod microphone over the heartbeat, and then press the touchscreen. When you get a good beat, you can record it for yourself, share it on Facebook, or email it to friends and relatives.

My Baby's Beat

My Baby's Beat is available for purchase from the iTunes Store - and right now it's 20% off - only $3.99! It would make a great gift for an expectant mom, too!
A few things to keep in mind.
  • You may be able to pick up a heartbeat sooner, but this App is designed for weeks 30-40.
  • The best time to listen is when the baby is resting.  If the baby is moving around you will pick up all the sound of that movement.
  • Background noises may interfere, find a quiet place to sit.
  • Before using the app, put your phone in airplane mode so that there are no transmissions to affect or startle the baby!
  • Because babies move around a lot, the location of the heartbeat will vary, too
The App will also store your recordings for you, so you will have a library to enjoy.

I love the idea of this App -and also that it's less than $5.00.  My experience was positive, It picked up a good regular  heartbeat, and a good carotid beat (in my neck) too.

To find out more check out the iTunes description and the website.

*I was given a download of this app in order to write an informed review. this is not a paid post ,and my opinions are genuine.