Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Total Transformation Program - Part 2

A few weeks ago, I wrote my first post about the Total Transformation Program developed by James Lehman, and distributed by Legacy Publishing.

Having gone through a little bit of the program now, I have a pretty good idea of how the system works.  The beauty of it is that the suggestions are not elaborate, and can be started right away.  In fact, the first thing I listened to was the bonus disc titled, The One Minute Transformation.   The 35 minute audio session has ten easy interventions that can turn a difficult behavioral situation around in one minute or less.

These interventions are super easy, and they can be especially helpful to parents who may have lost their confidence or have begun tip-toeing around a disrespectful child.   The one minute description is spot on - and a great alternative to the speeches, justifying or other traps that some parents fall into.  A few of them would not be the best choice for my children with Asperger Syndrome, but others are spot on, and I've benefited from adding them to my parent toolbox.

The lessons are on audio CD, and the first three are:
  1. Why Does my Child Act this Way?
  2. Why Won't my Child Listen to Me?
  3. Breaking Through
The audio lessons have corresponding chapters in the workbook.  Before listening to the CD, there is a pre-test to take.  It's a good way to measure your pre-conceptions about behavior versus the reality.

James Lehman does a fantastic job helping parents see the reasons children develop undesirable behaviors, and why so many of the common parenting methods are ineffective.  I had a lot of lightbulb moments while listening.   I really enjoyed the disc about breaking though because it has great suggestions for alternative responses.  These changes will lead to more accountability for the child.  He also acknowledges that while the interventions are simple, habits are hard to break.  Parents are informed that there will be some setbacks, and how to handle that as well.  There is also a 24 hour toll free number that is connected to a support line for parents who need extra help implementing the lessons.

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I'm looking forward to the rest of the program.  There are 4 more audio CDs and another DVD.  I feel that by the time I'm finished I will be better prepared to handle the tween and teen years ahead.

**I was given the Total Transformation Program in order to provide a well informed blogged review.  I am not an affiliate, and have not been paid.  My opinions are my own.