Sunday, July 31, 2011

#DaGeDar - Racing, Collecting, Thinking and Fun! A Review with #Giveaway (Ends 8/14)


Have you heard of DaGeDar™ yet?  It's a brand new game.  It's due to be released for sale on August 8th, but I have a sneak peek for you!

The centerpiece of the games are the balls.  The creators have introduced us to these spirit like creatures who have just broken free from Dimension 33.  When these catch on, there is a definite possibility for collecting, trading, and displaying.


There are over 120 different designs, available, and each one has it's own story, and a driving force, such as power, skill or knowledge.   They are made with a steel core center, to help them get a lot of speed when spinning or on the tracks.  Each has a code - these codes can be  plugged in at the website, where they will unlock all the information about your DaGeDars.

Here are some of our DaGeDars.  You can see each one has a little stand to sit on when not in use, and that orange thing is a carrying case.  The "mouth" opens up and you can drop 3 or 4 in and bring them to the game.  There is a clip so the carrying case can attach to a belt loop or back pack)


There are several suggested ways to play, or - you can make your own rules, and even your own games!  When the tracks were put away, my guys had their little DaGeDars all over the house.  Roll the DaGeDar down the banister was a big hit.  (These things really fly when they get some momentum!)   When the boys didn't put them away properly, the cats enjoyed them so much that we had to have a DaGeDar Scavenger Hunt.  :)

We were given  a High Speed Score Zone Raceway and a  Rapid Fire Power Launcher.


Both were fun.  There will also be a High Speed Stunt Jump Track, and a Two Lane Battle Jump Raceway available when these are released for sale on August 8th, and Vortex Spinners with Collectable Balls.

Here is a very cute Score Zone tutorial from Boy One and Boy Two.

The boys are enjoying these a lot, and are looking forward to collecting more.   Because there are over 120 DaGeDar, my house may look like a DaGeDar refugee camp this Christmas.

My "mother's take" on DaGeDar is positive.  It's a nice break from electronic entertainment.  It also requires following instructions to set up a track.   Once it's assembled, in order to get good scores the track has to be maneuvered manually and adjustments made in how the ball is rolled.  (As a Homeschooling Mom I saw the built in Physics lesson!)  It is a two sided track, so it also required communication and cooperation.

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**Thank you to DaGeDar™ and MomSelect™ for the opportunity to do this review and giveaway.  In order to write this informed blogged review, I was provided with some DageDar Toys.   I was not paid to write this post, and my opinions are always genuine.