Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tropical Traditions Coconut Cream - Review and Giveaway (ends 7/31)

Tropical Traditions

By now it's pretty well documented that I love coconut.  I'm also a big fan of the Tropical Traditions Company and their products.  Mot recently, I tried their Organic Coconut Cream Concentrate.

Tropical Traditions Coconut Cream

I wasn't sure what to expect from this product.  It is 100% organic coconut meat that has been ground into a fine powder and then packaged.  There is not a single thing added to it.  Not even water.

When my jar arrived, quite a bit of the oil had risen to the top.  This is perfectly normal, and there is a video on the web page to show new users how to prepare it for use .

Once I went through the work of preparing it, I wanted to make something, so I looked over a few recipes and saw an easy one for no bake vanilla coconut cream candy.

I assembled the ingredients:  (coconut cream, vanilla, chopped nuts and raw honey)

Tropical Traditions Coconut Cream

Stirred them all together:

Tropical Traditions Coconut Cream

Then, I rolled the mixture like this, using waxed paper, and refrigerated it until it was firm.

Tropical Traditions Coconut Cream

The total prep time was less than ten minutes (not counting the time spent preparing the cream, which will vary) and it chilled for about an hour.

I should mention, this is NOT the coconut cream in a candy bar.  It's real, honest to goodness coconut.  When I made this, I added some extra honey to make it a little sweeter and rolled it out onto some powdered sugar.  It's pretty easy to tweak the recipe to add things your family would enjoy.  The finished candy, sliced into rounds, can be dipped into melted chocolate and then some toasted or raw coconut, too.

There are a lot of other recipes for this organic coconut cream on the Tropical Traditions webpage.  They run the gamut from soups and meats to cookies and muffins.   The candy and ice cream recipes are also popular.

I have a small amount set aside to mix into drinks, or spread onto toast.

Tropical Traditions has very graciously offered a giveaway opportunity for a jar of organic coconut cream concentrate.

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