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The Adventures of Munford - Munford Meets Robert Fulton - Review With #Giveaway @GeoMatters

Munford Meets Robert Fulton

I just finished reading The Adventures of Munford; Munford Meets Robert Fulton, written by Jamie Aramini.  What an absolutely brilliant children's book!  It is written for Middle Schoolers, but I truly enjoyed this one as well.  The book is entertaining and educational - with enough fun and adventure to keep students engaged.

Munford is a molecule of water.  Because he is water, Munford can become a part of many different things.  He can also evaporate, then return to Earth through the weather.  As Munford travels, he narrates his journey.  He lands in perfect places for a molecule who loves adventure!

One of many things that I liked about the book - as a homeschool mother - is that that each chapter has the potential to springboard into many conversations.  Possibly even unit studies.  In addition to geography, there is history, science, and plenty of little tidbits of interesting information that are sure to leave an impression.

To give you an example of what I mean, in the first chapter, Munford explains how he managed to become part of some black powder.  (gunpowder)  In this simple introduction the reader learns what a molecule of water is, how water is present in almost all things on earth, and how it is he found himself on the edge of young Robert Fulton's powder horn.  We get a glimpse of colonial America and a not so great day of school for young Robert.

How is this for a huge assortment of discussion choices?!

  • how many things have water in their structure?
  • what is a molecule?
  • how did early settlers live?
  • the concept of a mercantile
  • the use of powder horns
  • what school was like in the 1700's
  • why such a brilliant man did poorly in school (maybe he should have been homeschooled?)
  • the different freedoms and responsibilities children had compared to now
This is just the first ten pages!  There are fourteen more chapters to read, and three bonus chapters, too.

As Munford moves on he has some more interesting visits with some very famous hosts!  He eventually finds himself back with Robert Fulton, now a grown man determined to build the first commercially successful steamboat.
In this tale of adventure, Munford meets a young boy in colonial America with a knack for inventing. The boy grows up to become one of the world's leading inventors, Robert Fulton! Join Munford and Fulton as they race to create the world's first commercially successful steamboat. Along the way, you'll meet a colorful cast of characters, from Benjamin Franklin to Napoleon Bonaparte. Don't miss this exciting story as it takes you from a fledgling young nation, to the rivers of France, and back again!
Munford Meets Robert Fulton is available through Geography Matters.  It is the fourth book in a series that also includes; Munford Meets Lewis and Clark, Munford: The Klondike Gold Rush, and Munford: The American Revolution.

The Adventures of Munford

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Jamie Aramini has written multiple books, including Eat Your Way Around the WorldGeography Through Art with Sharon Jeffus, and The Adventures of Munford series. Jamie was a Kentucky Governor’s Scholar and still resides in the Bluegrass State.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for honest, blogged review.  I was not paid to write this post and my opinions are genuine.