Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cars 2 The Video Game

Cars 2 The Video Game
Disney's Summer Release of Cars 2 has been a huge hit at the box office, and the corresponding video games are a lot of fun, too!

Cars 2:  The Video Game was released in June, and is available for all the popular gaming platforms - we got the chance to test it our on our Wii. 

There are a lot of things to like about this game.  It has all of the favorite Cars characters, and some of the new ones, too.   The graphics are well done, and the transitions are smooth.

The boys couldn't wait to play it, the first time!

For new players, there are training sessions, which are an excellent way to help (kids, especially) get a feel for the game, and keep frustration at a minimum.  There are also races during this time, so it remains interesting, and it's easier to resist the urge to jump in and play without the right skills.

There is more to this game than just racing around the track.  There are tricks, drifts, obstacles, and ways to disable the other cars.  Once you get going, there are different locations, and tasks to complete.

Once we had played for a while, we were ready to share the fun with friends.

Whew!  Thank goodness for multiplayer!

This is the screen with three players - up to 4 can play at a time.

There are 6 levels of play, and each has 6 missions or races that have to be completed before unlocking the next stage.   The regular races are pretty straightforward, but there are also battle races.  The missions can be hunter missions, attack missions or survival missions.  Throughout the game there are short story clips.

The game is rated E10+ for ages 10+ There is some cartoon violence, and the cars use weapons to complete missions.   The game play is not difficult, but younger kids might have some problems.  I think the E10 is appropriate.

We're having fun with Cars 2:  the Video Game, and so are our friends.  The kids don't want to stop playing, and we've been the catalyst for a few sales already.  It's fun, it's challenging, and it varies.  (although the character don't have very many phrases - which might be my only complaint)   It's definitely worth a test drive!

Cars 2 Video Game is Available on Wii™ console, Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3 system, Nintendo DS™ system, PC/Mac.  You can become a fan of Cars 2:  The Video Game on Facebook, too!


I am a BzzAgent.  I received a copy of this game to play with my family and friends, and to spread the word about how we liked it.  I am not paid to write a post and my opinions are genuine.