Saturday, August 27, 2011

Goop - #App Fun From Fine & @DandyGames Available Through iTunes


Do you see that cute little guy up there?  he's an Eeep. There are several different kinds of Eeep, and I've spent the last few days saving them from drippy messes.

Goop is an App developed by Fine and Dandy Games. It's was custom made for people like me.  The ones who have a fondness for adorable, and like simple one touch games.

The object of the game is to run these little Eeeps through various areas without letting anything goopy drip on their heads.  One small drip and your game is over.  Which in my case, means you quickly restart the game and try again.  And again.  And again.   As you play you can earn achievements and share your scores with friends and the internet Goop community - if that's what you choose.


The picture below shows you the different kinds of Eeeps.  Each type has their own unique personality and makes their own special sound.  The little ones are fast, the bigger ones need some help moving along.  It makes the timing aspect more challenging.  Tap the screen and your Eeep will progress forward more quickly, slide the Eeep back to the left if you want to avoid a drip.

This is also my favorite level.  With only one drip to navigate, I was less of a spaz.  I will freely admit that on some terrains, I have had games where only two Eeeps made it through safely.  Yes, two.  LOL.


Don't laugh too hard.  I mean, look below..  there you can see a conga line of Eeeps.  They all have to pass through the two drips, and they don't always cooperate!  But if you can herd them through in bunches, you will be rewarded.


While I passed the time playing, I couldn't help but notice the graphic design was really quite impressive, and the sound is of good quality, too - nice and clear.  It can be adjusted in the settings screen to whichever volume level the user prefers.


I think this game will appeal to all ages.  A child can play because it's cute, and fun, and only requires simple one touch moves.  Since little ones aren't motivated by high scores, they will have fun watching the little guys roll and listening to them squeak.  Adults will enjoy this fun way to pass time in a waiting room, during a break, or any other sit around and wait kind of time.  I was playing for almost 45 minutes while the boys were swimming yesterday.

Here is the developer's description, and more details about game play:
*** Save the Eeeps ***

Not birds, not zombies, not ninjas. We're talking about Eeeps!!

Help the Eeeps avoid the dangerous drops of Goop and skillfully tumble them across to safety while keeping in mind their unique personalities. At times the adorable Eeeps can have their own agenda, so make sure to keep an eye on these guys to help them stay out of harms way.

Goop is lots of fun for all ages, has beautiful graphics, and will keep you coming back as you try to set and beat your best score.

Goop is a fun casual game perfect for road trips, long waits, or a quick game during your downtime. Goop combines time management, strategy, and adventure to deliver an excellent gaming experience!

*** Highlights ***

-Beautifully designed worlds
-Challenge your friends with Game Center
-Earn over 25+ Achievements for exploring new worlds and saving Eeeps
-Four lovable Eeeps
-Easy to just pick up and play
-Exciting bonus modes
-Increasing difficulty over time
-Retina Display graphics
-Crisp music and unique character sounds
-One touch controls make it easy for anyone to play, but the challenging gameplay will keep you coming back
The app is available through iTunes and is currently priced at 99 cents.  It is rated for ages 4+.  While I doubt I will ever see these scores, it is possible to save over 100 Eeeps in each level - even as many as 160 in my favorite lava stage!

You may follow Fine and Dandy Games on Twitter or read the blog for news and updates.

Have fun saving the Eeeps!

**I was given a promo code for this app in exchange for an honest blogged review.  I was not paid to write this post, and my opinions are genuine.