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Listening to God with Blessed John Paul II

I was in High School in the 1980's.  Like most Catholic teens, I thought my Pope, John Paul II, was cool.  I was especially appreciative of the fact that he took time to speak to us, specifically.  His World Youth Day addresses were legendary - it's unknown how many millions were present in  the Philippines, but it was certainly unprecedented.

In March, 1985, when he wrote Dilecti Ameci, I was 18.  I was technically an adult when he celebrated Mass in nearby Giant Stadium to more than 80,000 people, but it didn't stop me from giving him rock star status.  His words inspired and comforted me then, and they still do.

In this book, Listening to God with Blessed John Paul II, author Amy Welborn has compiled some of his most poignant words and put them together in this small hardcover volume.  The selections come from the words he shared with us during his time as Pontiff.  It was published in May shortly after his beatification.

The excerpts are followed by a correlating scripture verse, and would serve well for a short, daily meditation.
Be Not Afraid!

Blessed John Paul II tells us it is in listening to God that we live most fully -- that God doesn't just speak to us during quiet, reflective moments, but also over the course of everyday life, in all of its noise, confusion, and complexity.

Experience this unique connection to God every day with passages from Blessed John Paul II's homilies, General Audience talks, addresses, and other writings, and see God's constant presence in our lives -- His continual whisper in our hearts.

We can then approach our daily lives with confidence that God is speaking to us, and we will be open to whatever He has to say.

This is a perfect collection, covering many topics, such as; A Reason for Hope, Seeing With New Eyes and The Kindness of God.

It would make a great addition to any Catholic home.

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