Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Popular Norbert Nipkin Children's Books are Now Interactive on Your iPad; from @SkyReaderMedia

SkReader Media has released another fun, interactive children's book for the iPad.  This time, it's the first book in Robert McConnell's Norbert Nipkin series.

Nipkins are mythical creatures that live in a magic world.  Norbert is a young Nipkin.  He has been warned to stay away from the awful, giant Zlogs.  Norbert doesn't heed the advice, and he is captured by Glog the Zlog.  Luckily for Norbert, he is a charming little Nipkin and the two become great friends.

Norbert Nipkin is the first of five titles that will be available.  The introductory price for this iPad app is $2.99 (US)

Once you've bought and downloaded the app, you'll be able to choose how your child enjoys it.  Read To Me or Read by Myself and AutoPlay modes are available.

To change settings, or find a favorite page, swipe the bottom of the screen in an upward motion to get the menu pictured below.

Once you've decided on your settings, enjoy the lovely illustrations interspersed with animated screens that sparkle and move.  The narration is clear, and read by the author himself!  You will find there are great background sounds included to compliment the story.

This is a very cute children's tale that has been popular in Canada for years.  look for more installments from this series coming soon.
  • Book 2: The Wish
  • Book 3: On to the Mountain
  • Book 4: Fire and Ice
  • Book 5: The Magic Riddle Stone
Robert McConnell’s perennial bestselling classic “ Norbert Nipkin” is brought to life in this interactive story app for iPad. From the moment you touch the vibrant screen you are transported into the enchanted realm of the Nipkins. The adventure is narrated by the author himself bringing all of the enchantment and excitement to life. Through, the new interactive experience, readers are immersed in the gentle sounds of the forest, quietly wandering with the Nipkins through the woods, watching the stars glitter and the moon move across the night sky.

Robert McConnell’s magical verse and the powerful visual impact of Steve Pilcher’s paintings combine to make Norbert Nipkin an unforgettable experience on the path through childhood. With an exemplary career in animation at Pixar, including the art direction for Shrek 2, children and parents alike will marvel at Steve Pilcher’s captivating illustrations.


I was provided with this app in order to write an informed, blogged review.  I was not paid to write this post.