Sunday, August 14, 2011

Touch n Foam Review and #Giveaway - @DIYFoam - Ends 8/28

Touch n Foam
Last month I signed our yearly contract agreement with our home heating oil company.  Due to an expected increase in the price of oil, and our usual consumption, the amount of the payment went up $100.00 each month.  Yikes!

During the extreme heat the past few weeks, we had the central air conditioning on 24 hours a day.  I once made the mistake of looking at our electric meter while the air unit was running.  Yikes, again!

We don't set our thermostats at extreme high or low temperatures, but we like to be comfortable.  That comes with a price tag.  However, the price tag doesn't have to give me nightmares!

Once of the best ways to reduce home heating bills is to make sure that a home is well insulated, and there aren't a lot of places for warm or air to escape, or cold air to blow in.  The Touch n Foam line of products is designed specifically for homeowners to repair these leaks themselves.

Each can has instructions for use, and if you still need a little help, you could visit the Touch n Foam Youtube Channel for great instructions like these:

Touch ‘n Foam products help control airflow in and out of homes by filling gaps and cracks in the home's interior and exterior, which helps maintain a consistent temperature year round while lowering utility bills.

Touch n Foam diagram
38% of home energy dollars go right out the window – literally.   The dozens of small holes and cracks around a typical home allow air leakage and cause the bulk of energy loss.  In fact, adding up all the holes in the average home results in a giant 5’ hole in the wall - that’s the equivalent  of keeping a door open all winter or summer long.  However,  air sealing a home with Touch ‘n Foam’s insulating foam sealants is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways for homeowners to improve energy efficiency and home comfort year-round
If you do a thorough inspection of your home, and apply the Touch n Foam as directed, you could save money on your home heating bill this year.
I think these are great, effective, easy to use products.  Made with renewable Resources, they are environmentally friendly, too!  You'll also be keeping bugs out, by blocking their entry.  Another nice thing to know is, if you save your receipts, you can print out a form from the website, and claim an energy Credit on your taxes.

The Touch n Foam company has kindly offered to provide three cans or foam for one of my readers.  The giveaway will include one can of Home Seal for small gaps and cracks, one can of MaxFill for large holes and one can of No Warp which works on doors and windows without causing bowing or stress.

Here's how you can win:

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I was given the same products being offered in the giveaway in exchange for my honest, blogged opinion.  I was not paid to write this post.