Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Camping Mama:Outdoor Adventures - Available for Nintendo DS Today! @cookingmama_us

Camping Mama:Outdoor Adventures

Mama, Papa and the kids are back, and it's time to go camping!  Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures is in stores today.
Develop your island survival skills with Mama in over 100 different stylus-based games featuring a broad range of challenges: craft a fishing pole to fish, sharpen knives and axes with stones you’ve collected, make a fire to cook shellfish you’ve caught, cook the eggs collected from captured chickens to eat, set up your camping tent to sleep in, construct a net to catch butterflies, and much more! Have fun participating in activities such as rock climbing, swinging on jungle vines, spelunking, rowing a boat, tree climbing, making s’mores and more. With customization options and collectible play, Camping Mama lets everyone go wild in the great outdoors!
The game is rated E (for Everyone).   ARV $29.99

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