Thursday, September 8, 2011

@FyrFlyz - Check Out These New, Fun, Toys! - #FyrFlyz Review and #Giveaway (ends 9/25)



  • Light-Up Toys
  • Created by i-Star - Entertainment
  • Ages 8 to 108
  • Available at Toys 'R Us and other toy stores worldwide
  • Batteries Included
  • Less than $10 (US)
The boys and I recently received some fun new toys to try out.  FyrFlyz™ are really simple, but super fun!
They come in three styles.

 There are some electronic components and batteries (which are included) inside a plastic casing Those white bits on the end ate light bulbs!   There is a tiny switch which turns the lights on.  On this model, the lights blink.

What you don't see are the strings and handles that come off the ends.  If you look up at the packaging part of the photo, you'll see the strings are wrapped around the center, and the handles are above and below.  The strings unwind to a little less than arms length, and the handles are attached to the ends.  Holding one end in each hand, you can spin the FyrFlyz and make beautiful patterns with the lights.

Here the boys give a short demonstration:

Fyr Flyz are also available in the Cyclone and NytFyr version.


Cyclone has white and green lighting, and NytFyr has Red and White.

These toys were amazingly addicting for all of us.  We still play with them several times a day until our arms are tired and sore.  The boys love the sound they make, too.

Here is the website description - don't miss the links if you'd like to see how to do the tricks, or to submit your own video link!
FyrFlyz are easy-to-use precision balance lighted toys. By simply swinging two strings and applying tension or allowing slack, you can create a continuous movement of multi-color light shapes from Small and Large Orbits, to Flywheels, Fyrewheels and more! Learn how to spin your Fyrlyz and then submit your tricks to the trick gallery!

Each FyrFlyz has its own unique color combination to create color coordinated craziness. Check out each one as they fly through the air leaving amazing trails of light in their path.

FyrFlyz, retailing for under $10 each, will be available this summer in a variety of light colors making them a collectible for ages 8 and up.

You can learn more on the FyrFlyz webpage, and when you follow FyrFlyz on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube you'll find out about any fun promotions and prizes being offered.

One of my readers is going to win FyrFlyz for their family!
(Giveaway now closed)


    MomSelect provided the FyrFlys I used with my boys in exchange for an honest, blogged review. I was not paid to write this post and my opinions are genuine.