Thursday, September 29, 2011

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God's On the Phone - Stories of Grace in Action

God's On the Phone - Stories of Grace in Action

  • Written by Regis J. Flaherty
  • Paperback
  • 152 pages
  • ARV $14.99
  • Available from The Catholic Company
I just finished reading this fantastic book, God's On the Phone - Stories of Grace in Action, by Regis J. Flaherty.  I'm so glad I chose to review this one!  Chances are good I will read it several more times.  The next time through, I will have the luxury of taking more time and fully enjoying it.  I'm looking forward to that!

After a short introduction, there are 30 short stories.  Each one, as the title suggests, is a story of Grace.  It is a book of love stories.  God's love for us, as he shows his face in the words or deeds of people.

Faith would be so easy if we all had archangels trumpeting God's messages to us, but instead, we are called to recognize the whispers, the little nudges that are all around us.  I have always believed that coincidence is God saying hello.

The title is taken from Chapter Seventeen - the story of a "wrong number" that saved a life.  I loved the way this one came about.  It's quite amazing, and powerful to read.  There are some a little sweeter, like the story of a fancy new towel and washcloth, or how an interesting wardrobe choice led a young lady to conversion.  The candid, conversational writing drew me in, the stories touched my heart, and the teachings have helped me grow.

The stories are only a few pages, and each is followed by "points to ponder" taken from scripture, or other Catholic sources.  (Each is noted with the passage and in an appendix) Then there is a prayer, followed by discussion questions and action steps, making it a great choice for either a prayer group or personal growth.

The conclusion is brief, only a page, and the author includes an invitation for readers to contact him with their own stories.  A very nice touch, I think.

Regis Flaherty is Director of the Gilmary Retreat Center ( and a best-selling author. He has over 30 years of experience in working with Catholic organizations.
Rege's book credits include God's on the Phone: Stories of Grace in Action; Last Things First; Catholic Customs: a Fresh Look at Traditional Practices; The How to Book of Catholic Devotions (co-author with Mike Aquilina); Catholic for a Reason III: Scripture and the Mystery of the Mass (co-editor with Scott Hahn); Catholic for a Reason IV: Scripture and the Mystery of Marriage and Family Life (co-editor with Scott Hahn); and The World's First Christmas (co-author and co-editor with Mike Aquilina). He and his wife, Libbie, are contributing authors to Catholic for a Reason IV: Scripture and the Mystery of Marriage and Family Life.

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