Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm Outnumbered! One Mom's Lessons in the Lively Art of Raising Boys

I'm Outnumbered!

I'm Outnumbered!  One Mom's Lessons in the Lively Art of Raising Boys
  • Kregel Publications
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  • $12.99 paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Release Date: July 2010
  • Religion/Christian Life/Family
I have boys.  Funny, loud, crazy, darling and handsome boys.  I love them more than life itself.  I have always been very keen on honoring the needs of my children that are specifically male.  Up until now, it has been interesting, but I have rolled with the punches and handled things pretty well, I think.

Sure, there are days I've wondered what it would be like to have quiet little girls neatly arranging their teddy bears for tea parties or decorating their Barbie dream houses, but I know deep down that I was always meant to be a boy mom.  It takes more than a Y chromosome to get the better of me!

Of course, just because I am meant to do something doesn't mean I won't require any help along the way.  My guys are eleven now, and we've progressed from vehicle obsessions, superheroes and mud puddles to slightly more mature pursuits.  I know this is new territory, and I have been filling up my motherhood toolbox with as much information and support as I can find.

One of my favorite sources to date is the book I'm Outnumbered!  One Mom's Lessons in the Lively Art of Raising Boys, written by Laura Lee Groves.

Laura is the mom of four boys.  They're pretty grown up now, and what fine young men they are!  They are a testament to her amazing perception, and her understanding of how to raise them.  Boys really are different from girls, even if they are being persuaded from all sides to believe differently.  If I give my children a box of fluffy stuffed animals, mark my words, they will be inclined to use them as projectiles.  It's in their genes.

In her book, Mrs. Groves gives much sound advice about working with the boyness.  I feel even more assured that I can foster love, communication, a strong brotherly bond, and a sense of responsibility in these guys.

I found the chapters on media, and growing respect to be very helpful for our stage in life.  The last chapter is also fantastic.  It's called "a word from the boys" and it is input from her sons and reflections on their childhood.  I thought that was a great touch.

She also includes some tweaking for moms of boys with a girl or two in the mix, and there are three wonderful appendices.  The first is on a Dad's role in all this boy rearing, the second provides some additional reading recommendations, and the third is for single mothers.

The writing style is honest, easy to read and conversational.  It imparts Christian advice and reference, but the chapters are always supportive, never preachy.  This is another mother visiting by way of book pages.  She is sharing the stories of the seasons of her life with four unique and interesting boys as they grew into men.  At a time when many moms feel like they are "losing" their boys, I feel like I have what I need to connect with mine.  What a gift!

Here's what the publisher had to say about I'm Outnumbered!
Boy #1 is a blessing.
Boy #2 is a joy.
But what happens with boy #3?
And what if there is a #4?!

Only a mom of all boys can really explain what life is like when you are surrounded by men. From one "boy mom" to another, I'm Outnumbered! offers sound advice and encouragement for every mom who has more than one son, even if there is a girl in the mix. Author Laura Lee Groves guides moms to see their role as proactive parents with insights gleaned from her own experience, from other boy moms, and from parenting experts. Laced with touching and humorous stories, this practical manual will show boy moms how to
  • escape the expectation trap
  • maintain order
  • handle sibling rivalry
  • celebrate their individuality
  • foster leadership and teamwork
  • and much more
"Laura Lee Groves has put together an insightful and fun book on raising boys.  She tackles tough topics with wit and wisdom." --Jesse Florea, author and speaker
"I'm Outnumbered! shows you how to build the boys you love into responsible, God-honoring men. Moms, for your sake . . . for your sons' sakes . . . read this book."--Tim Shoemaker, author, speaker, and dad of three grown sons
"Laura Lee Groves writes with warmth and clarity that makes this book a joy to read. And don't be afraid to pass it on to Dad, who will appreciate the unique perspectives that will help every family with boys."  --Sigmund Brouwer, best-selling author of more than forty novels

Laura Lee Groves has raised four boys -- and lived to tell!  In fact, she LOVES to tell the stories of a house full of redheaded boys.

When she's not teaching high school English and drama, Laura writes to bring encouragement and inspiration to moms. Laura has written for Moody Magazine, Focus on the Family’s Focus on Your Child, Coral Ridge Ministries and has penned and directed several madrigal dinner plays. She’s a contributor to Book Lover’s Devotional (Barbour) and contributes regularly at and She loves to inspire moms by sharing on her blog,, and through her monthly newsletter.

I really enjoyed the book, and I think other boy moms will too.
This is a review I felt compelled to write because I like the book so much.  I purchased this book myself, and was not asked or paid to write this post.