Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The K'Nex Cosmic Twist Coaster

K'Nex Cosmic Twist Coaster

  • Ages 9 and up
  • 637  Pieces
  • Requires 2 AA Batteries
  • Over 19 Feet of Track
  • Motorized Chain Lift and Metallic Car
  • Color Coded Instruction Booklet
  • Online Instructions For a Second Track Available
  • ARV $50.99
My boys really enjoy K'Nex toys.  They like putting the kits together as well as playing with the finished product.  Ordinarily, we make the vehicles - but we recently had the chance to create one of their new Thrill Rides.

This is the Cosmic Twist Coaster.  It's really quite fantastic!  It is made from over 600 pieces and stands about 3.5 feet tall when finished.  There is a battery powered motor which pulls the car to the top of the ride and then it spins down to the bottom again.

The K'Nex Cosmic Twist Coaster

This kit is not for the feint of heart.  As you can see here, once the box is opened, you've made a commitment that will take several hours.  This is for serious builders.

The K'Nex Cosmic Twist Coaster

Here is a page from the instruction booklet.  The steps are demonstrated by picture.  This page is step one.  There are 36 pages, and 56 steps.  Most are multi-part steps, like this one which includes building the framed piece and adding the bottom gear.

The K'Nex Cosmic Twist Coaster

To begin, we separated all the pieces out so they'd be easy to find as we needed them.

The K'Nex Cosmic Twist Coaster

Bit by bit the base of the coaster is framed out.  The clips were hard for the boys to maneuver, because they have some fine motor skill delays.  I have neuropathy in my hands, so we made quite a team!   Eventually, we completed this part.
The K'Nex Cosmic Twist Coaster

Adding the coaster track and the signs was quite a bit easier.  Then, the chain link lift is put together - one piece at a time!  Snap, snap, snap, snap.. (127 times!)  until it was ready to be threaded over the gears.  Finally, we put the car onto the tracks and it was finished!

All those clicks and snaps later... it's quite impressive, isn't it??

The K'Nex Cosmic Twist Coaster

At last, the moment we had been waiting for!  We turned on the motor, pushed the little car to the lift, and up it went!   Then down, and around, and around and right back up again!

Check it out!

You can see that it does slip at the top every now and then, but it doesn't take away from the fun.  The boys think it's great, and have played with it every day, adding props and story lines.  The cat loves it too, and keeps trying to catch the car.  (it was no easy feat keeping her out of the video!)

I think this is a great next step for proficient builders.  I would caution that it requires patience, and following the instructions very carefully.  Most tweens will probably need a parent's assistance.

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Find K'nex on the web at, or on Facebook.

You can buy K'Nex online or at major toy retail locations.

**I was given his set in order to provide an honest, blogged review of the product.  I was not paid to write this post and my opinions are my own.