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Wise Alec "Civilize This!" by Griddly Games - @GriddlyGames

Wise Alec "Civilize This!"

Wise Alec™: Civilize This!
  • Ages 8+
  • 2 - 4 players
  • education, history, trivia, exercise
  • $14 -$18
Wise Alec "Civilize This!"

My boys love history, and they love games, so we were more than thrilled with Wise Alec™  Civilize This!  This new offering form Griddly Games can be used as a stand alone game or as an expansion set to the original Wise Alec™ Trivia Game.

Wise Alec "Civilize This!"

Included in the game you'll find:
  • 1 multicolored die
  • 3 decks of trivia cards (Ancient, Medieval, and Modern History)
  • 1 deck of Wise Alec™ cards
You will need to supply a pencil and paper to keep score.

This game is put together well.  It's easy to transport, and the instructions are right inside the lid so they'll never get lost.  There is a plastic cover that fits over the cards so they don't move or fall out, and the lid closes with a strong magnet.

Here is the game set up and ready to play.  Wow!  that was easy!

Wise Alec "Civilize This!"

It was also easy to play.  The die has a color on each side.  If we rolled a Yellow, a Red, a Green or a Purple, we had to answer a question on the corresponding colored card.

Yellow cards are Modern History, Green are Medieval History, and Red are Ancient History.  The purple cards are Wise Alec Cards, and those are fun!  You never know what you'll get, so be prepared to perform, recite, double your points, lose points, and laugh!

Each card has two questions.  One is worth three points, the other is worth seven.  The player can choose which one he'd like to have read to him, and if he answers correctly, he earns the points.  (Naturally, the seven point questions are a bit harder.)

But aren't most dice six sided?  Yes!  And so is this one.  There are also Orange and Blue sides.  If You roll an orange, the player to your right can choose the card you will play, and if you roll a blue, you can pick your own card!

Wise Alec "Civilize This!"

So, how does a player win?  Well, this is one of the reasons I love the game.  The creators offer some suggestions - such as the first to score X amount of points wins, or perhaps whomever has the most points after a specified time.  Our rules are, the first player to score 50 points, wins.  It takes us about 40 minutes per game.

Your family can choose the rules that suit you best.  If all ages are playing, you could stagger the points needed to win requirement.  For example, you might decide that parents need 50 points, 8-10 need 30 points, and 10 and under might only need 15 to win.  Maybe adults have to answer the seven point questions, and kids get only 3 point questions.  It's really up to the players to decide what is fair and works best for them.

Remember the Wise Alec Cards?  Here's Boy One after he pulled the card telling him to balance the game box on his head for points!

Wise Alec "Civilize This!"

Those points came in handy.  He won this game  - but just barely!!

It's easy to see why Wise Alec™ Games are award winners, and a favorite with many families.

The original trivia game is a board game.  There are also other travel games/expansion packs.  One is  Nature Nuts, and the other is Sports Buffs.

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**I received Civilize This! to use in my home in order to provide an informed, blogged review.  I was not paid to write this review, and  my opinions are genuine.