Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pillow Pets - Let's Play! Coming to Nintendo DS

Pillow Pets for DS

Pillow Pets - Let's Play! for Nintendo DS

  • Due for Release in Time for the 2011 Holiday Season
  • Presented by Game Mill Entertainment
  • Will be Available at all Major Video Game Retail Locations
  • Rated E (for everyone)
  • ARV about $20
Pillow Pets for DS

I have had a sneak peek at one of the cutest games for DS I have ever played.  Pillow Pets - Let's Play! is due to be released soon, and I'm giving this one nothing but glowing praise.

The game uses the poplar Pillow Pet designs as the characters, and the object of the game is to rescue the Pillow Pets that have been left behind in Dreamland.  While going along, items are collected and stars gathered.

There are goals for each of the 16 levels - and once they are reached, the player can collect the key and go back to the playroom.

Here are a few of the reasons I love this game.
  • The player doesn't lose lives, encounter hazards, or run out of time.  Kids take their time and have fun exploring.
  • The stars that are along the way come back so being "stuck" doesn't mean being bored.
  • Many of the elements of "big kid games" are introduced now, so the skills will be there when the games get tougher.
  • The goals are very clearly shown on the screen.  If I needed 4 big stars, and 3 Gold rings - I could see that - and how many I had collected.
  • Lots and lots of rewards.
  • Different areas to visit.  (The Playroom Home Base, Fantasy Woods, Rainbow Valley and Slumber Land Castle)
  • Kids can custom name their pets, and add accessories to them.
pillow pets ds

I did like this game very much.  It has everything I like about video games, and nothing that I don't.  If you have a Pillow Pet lover on your list, this would make an excellent gift this Christmas!

It is designed to be simple, so there will be no tears or frustration - but the changing game play areas coupled with the ability to uncover secret items, collect them, and customize the characters keeps it interesting.

Look for this to be leased later this month wherever you normally buy video games, with an average price point of about $20.00.

I was allowed to preview a copy of this game prior to its release.  I was not paid to write this post, and the preview coy of the game will be returned.