Friday, October 7, 2011

Three New Storybook Apps for iPad from SkyReader - #app


There are three new interactive storybooks available from Skyreader media.

"An Alien Ate My Homework"

An Alien Ate My Homework

"The Grateful Ants"

The Grateful Ants

and "Got the Time"

Got the Time

SkyReader (a division of Skywriter Media) is a company that publishes mobile apps for Apple iPad.  The apps can be used with pre-readers and independent readers alike, because of the customizable features included.

There are three reading modes.  Auto, which will read the book and turn the pages, requiring no input.  Read to Me will read the story as speech bubbles appear on the screen allowing for word recognition.  The reader will need to turn the pages by sliding their finger across the page.  Read Myself is what you’d expect.  The words will appear on the screen and need to be read by the user.


In addition to the story, the iBook includes a parent's page with suggestions about how to make the best use of the story with your child.

In The Aliens Ate my Homework, young Barry reads a book before bed that sends his imagination into overdrive.

It is a very short story, but it has a cute ending, and will probably make kids laugh.

7-9 year olds will probably like this story best.

Notice the bottom of this screen shot.  It's easy to change options,navigate to a favorite page, or back to the home screen.

Got the Time is for slightly younger readers.

In this tale, sneaky Mr. Wolf wants to trap some young rabbits, and make a fine dinner of them.

Luckily, Reggie Rabbit is a wise young rabbit and helps his friends trick Mr. Wolf instead.

Silly Mr. Wolf!  don't play with your food!

There are analog clocks paired with some of the story frames to help children learn to read time.


The Grateful Ants is a 3 chapter story, for more advanced readers but the read to me feature makes it possible for all ages to enjoy.

Based on the beloved fable, Farmer Lee saves some ants from drowning during a terrible flood.   The rain lasts for weeks and destroys his rice crop.  He is worried, but to his surprise, each morning, he woke to piles of rice. Unfortunately, a few years later, when his village is struck by famine., they find the storage of rice empty!  Everyone believes that Farmer Lee has stolen the rice.  As he is about to be taken to prison, the grateful ants return to save his good name.

The story has a very happy ending.

All three of these titles can be purchased for $1.99 each through iTunes and they can be viewed on iPads.

I was given these apps so that I could write an honest, informed review.  I was not paid to write this post and my opinions are my own.