Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Verilux SmartLight - The Lamp for Learning - @Verilux

The Verilux SmartLight

The Verilux® SmartLight™

  • Designed with Natural Spectrum® Daylight
  • Reduces eyestrain and fatigue
  • Increases concentration, focus and productivity
  • Read faster, comprehend more
  • Verilux® SmartLight™ ARV $39.95
  • Available through
The Verilux SmartLight

We have a new addition to our homeschool classroom. (aka my kitchen table)

While my boys are excellent students, they are prone to distractions.  They need to wiggle around a lot.  I am always looking for ways to help them concentrate and stay on task.

Part of the problem is the lighting in the area where we work.  There is a ceiling fan with incandescent light overhead, and two windows. It should be plenty of light, but it really doesn't work well.

We have been using the Verilux SmartLight for a little while now and it has worked out quite well for us!


As you can see in the picture above, there wasn't enough light in the work area, and the light was coming in straight down the middle of the room and glaring off of the table.

Here's how the same area looked after I added the Verilux SmartLight.

The Verilux SmartLight

Here is Boy Two working on his penmanship.  The page is brightly lit, and the glare is now almost nonexistent.
The Verilux SmartLight

Boy One is reading aloud and he also has clear, easy reading.  He is no longer bending close to the page or losing his place.
The Verilux SmartLight

Studies have shown that the lighting technology used for the Verilux SmartLight is ideal for studying, and our experience with the lamp leads me to agree.

From the website:
When it comes to maximizing study time, the SmartLight™ is an ideal study partner. This lamp isdesigned with Verilux’s patented Natural Spectrum® Daylight, a type of full spectrum lighting that replicates key wavelengths of natural daylight, to help students read faster with greater comprehension, study longer without eyestrain, and improve productivity, focus and
concentration. Research using full spectrum lighting in a school setting resulted in significantly greater student achievement when compared to other light sources. And naturally lit study environments have also proven to positively impact students’ abilities to understand
study materials, resulting in increased math and reading test scores. The SmartLight combines over 50 years of research to scientifically tune light to the needs of the human eye. At home, college or office, the SmartLight is the perfect study partner.
For us, the results were noticeable right away, and with a price point of $39.95, the SmartLight is an affordable way to see immediate improvement in study habits.  Another nice benefit is that with their improved concentration, my boys are completing their work much quicker each day, and that is nice for all of us.

The lamp weighs less than 4 pounds, it has a flexible gooseneck design that will extend 26.5 inches, and the plastic design is tough and durable. The 27 watt bulb* is designed to last for 10,000 hours of usage, and if needed, replacements can be purchased through the Verilux website.  It also has an extra long cord. (6 ft)

If you would like to buy a SmartLight for yourself or your favorite student, you'll find them at various retail locations including BJs Wholesale and many department stores, or they can be purchased through the Verilux website.

You can find Verilux on the web at .  You may also follow with Facebook or Twitter. If you sign up for the mailing list, you'll be informed of great sales (which happen frequently) and you'll receive a 20% off coupon right away.

Be sure to check out the other great Verilux products, too.  They have therapeutic lighting (a natural help for seasonal affective disorder!), skin care, CleanWave™ UV sanitizing products, and other NaturalSpectrum® lighting  selections.

I received a Verilux SmartLight in exchange for my honest, blogged review.  I was not paid to write this post.
*bulbs need to be disposed of properly.  See website for more details.