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Continuum ™ Games - Connecting Generations Through Play

Continuum ™ Games

Continuum ™ Games - Connecting Generations Through Play

I love getting together with friends and family, and this time of year brings a lot of opportunities for special times together.

Our family always enjoys breaking out games after we've eaten, and we usually choose something that everyone can play, from the youngest to the oldest.  Continuum Games has an award winning line up of fun all ages!

We just had some fun playing Lumps, The Elf Coal Game and Family Talk Two.
Continuum ™ Games - Lumps

Lumps, The Elf Coal Game

  • Comes in a Cute, Zippable Christmas Stocking
  • Ages 6 and up
  • 1 to 100 players
  • Bring a Pencil and Paper, Everything else is included.
  • Suggested Retail Price is $7.99
  • Available Through the Website, Hallmark Gold Crown Stores, Books-A-Million, Go! Games and 100's of other specialty stores.
  • Get 15% off a website purchase with the code funforallages
  • Requires simple addition
You can see above that Lumps comes in festive holiday packaging and zips closed.  The premise of the game is that children all over the world have been so well behaved for the past few years, that Santa's Elves haven't been able to give any Lumps of Coal!  Since it's really piling up, they need to find a use for it that children will enjoy.

There are 8 "coal" dice included, and they come in several shapes and sizes.  Finally, kids will be excited about getting coal in their stockings!

To play, Each player will roll the dice 3 times.  The idea is to match as many dice as possible.  The instructions are quite simple.  Because the dice are passed around, there is no limit to the amount of people who can play.

A pair will score the number on the paired dice.  Two threes would equal three points.  A third three would add three more points, now the player has 6.  Another three would add three more, and the player now has 9. The fist player to reach 100 points is the winner.

Continuum ™ Games - Lumps

The roll pictured above was my game winner - much to the chagrin of Boy One, who was only 4 points away from 100!  I rolled 2 tens and two sixes, so I had sixteen pints.  Then I rolled three twos and added four points giving me the twenty total points that won the game.

Continuum ™ Games - Family Talk 2

Family Talk 2- Portable, Thought Provoking Fun!
  • 100 Questions on Durable Cards
  • Carabiner Ring Clip Keeps Cards Organized and Portable
  • For Ages 3 and Up
  • 2 or More Players
  • suggested Retail Price is $9.99
  • Available through the website, Hallmark Gold Crown Stores, Books-A-Million, Go! Games and 100's of other specialty stores. Get 15% off a website purchase with the code funforallages
  • Winner of the Tillywig Brain Child Award
This is a fun way to get the conversation going.  It could be a big hit at a holiday family get together.  As a mom of kids on the autism spectrum, I love this.  Not only does it inspire conversation, it also offers a chance to work on communication skills.  The chance to listen, to learn, to not interject, and to see other family members as more human.

The questions are thought provoking, by design.  There is no right answer, which makes it fun and interesting.  Questions can be dedicated to one person, or everyone can takea turn to answer the same one.

Here are some examples:

Are you more like your Mom, or your Dad?

Continuum ™ Games - Family Talk 2

Do you think it will be important to know a foreign language in the future?

Continuum ™ Games - Family Talk 2

What do you appreciate about your family?

Continuum ™ Games - Family Talk 2

This is fun for everyone!  I also want to mention, again, that these are great for kids on the autism spectrum who can spit out tons of facts, but need to practice answering questions such as these.

The ring design makes it easy to take Family Talk 2 along on a long car trip, or tuck it into your purse to use while in a doctor's office, or waiting to be served in a restaurant.  This is such a great alternative to digital entertainment.

Bring back the art of fun conversation with Family Talk 2

Check out the other games, Family Talk, Grandparent Talk, Buddy Talk, Teen Talk, and Camp Talk.


Continuum™ Games has generously offered me the opportunity to host a giveaway of these games.  The winner will receive their own Lumps - the Elf Coal Game and a set of Family Talk 2 cards.
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