Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DaGeDar for Nintendo DS - Collect Trade, Race, Compete, Share

DaGeDar for Nintendo DS
  • Collect up to 100 DaGeDar Racing Balls to Keep or Trade
  • Earn Special Edition Characters
  • 33 Levels and Raceways with Twists, Turns and Hazards.
  • Play Alone or With a Friend
  • Race Against the Clock, or an Opponent
  • Earn Points Toward Special Rewards and Bonuses
  • Suggested Retail Price, $19.99
  • Rated E for Everyone
  • Developed by Black Lantern Studios, Published by GameMill Entertainment
When the DaGeDar Toys were introduced this summer, our family was chosen to test drive them, and spread the word by way of blogging.  My boys were instantly enamored with the fun little ball bearings that are great for collecting, racing, rolling or displaying.  We have the beginnings of a nice collection, and there are some specific designs on each boy’s Christmas list this year.

Every good game deserves it’s own video game, right?  DaGeDar for Nintendo DS was released last week, just in time for the holiday season!

This fun game allows players to race against a clock or other DaGeDar.  The game balls each have a unique personalities and abilities, which adds a fun element to the game.  It requires a little bit of thought to make the best matchup.  I haven't had this long, but it is definitely fun, and so far, it holds up to its E rating. 

The game can be played by a  single player, or with a friend using the download feature.  A game lasts less than three minutes,so it can be a great choice if you don’t give the kids hours of game time.  The “I just have to finish this!” excuse can never last more than a few minutes. 

DaGeDar for Nintendo DS
    DaGeDar for Nintendo DS    DaGeDar for Nintendo DS    DaGeDar for Nintendo DS

I feel this game is suitable for any age.  It’s not too babyish for my eleven year olds, but it is not too intense for younger kids, either.  The skill set is not terribly difficult, but the obstacles, twists and turns keep it from being too easy.  I haven’t seen any frustration, or distress, and while it is fun to keep playing, I haven’t seen any obsessive desires, nor have I had to pry the game from anybody's hands, either.

You can find this game wherever video games or sold, or through online retailers.  The suggested price is $19.99.


I received a copy of this game in exchange for an honest, blogged review.  I was not paid ot write this post and my opinions are genuine.