Wednesday, November 2, 2011

KIDZMED VeraTemp Non Contact Thermometer - Touch FreeTechnology - @KidzMed

KidzMed - VeraTemp

KidzMed VeraTemp Non Contact Thermometer

  • Accurate Temperatures in a Second
  • No Contact with Skin Required
  • No Beeps or Noises
  • Operates with 2 AAA Batteries
  • LED Backlight Allows for Lights Off Use
  • Accurate, Pediatrician Recommended
  • Affordable (MSRP $31-45)
  • Available at Many Popular Retail Locations and Online
KidzMed - VeraTemp

Anyone who has ever cared for a very sick child knows the emotional toll it takes on the parent or caregiver. There is a feeling of relief that is indescribable when the child is finally comfortable and sleeping.  Having to wake them for routine care is an unwelcome but often necessary evil.  As a mother, and a former Pediatric RN, I have mental battles over waking a sleeping child who isn't in distress. It is important to keep ahead of high fevers - I don't want to make them worse, but I also don't want to cause emotional distress..

The KidzMed Company has several products that allow children to sleep through routine care.  One is the KidzMed VeraTemp Thermometer.

You can see the thermometer pictured above.  It is light, fits comfortably in the hand and has a carrying bag for storage.  It runs on 2 AAA batteries, and requires no covers or probes, either.

To use, the thermometer should be placed about two inches from the forehead.  Press the scan button, and the temperature appears in about a second.  If the temperature is in normal range, the LED backlight appears green.

If the temperature is slightly above normal, but not dangerously high, the LED light appears yellow, as you can see in the photo with the 100.2 temperature reading.
KidzMed - VeraTemp
If the temperature is in the febrile range, the LED backlight will be red.  (I'm sorry I didn't think to snap a photo this weekend when my temperature was 102 - but I wasn't thinking about reviews.. LOL)

I have found that the temperatures are consistent.  I can take three readings within a minute and they are all the same.  I also found that they were accurate when compared with a traditional thermometer.  To see a temperate in Celsius, click the center button.

It also stores data and the temperature history can be read by clicking the button on the left.

The VeraTemp can also be used to read surface or room temperatures.  Just click the "mode" button on the left side.  This is useful for reading the temperature of fluids like formula or bath water.

Again, I wanted to test the accuracy of the unit, so I tested the room temperature and held it up against the reading of my home themostat.  The flash washed it out a little bit, but the thermostat says 68, the VeraTemp read 68.7.  Impressive.

KidzMed - VeraTemp

Here are some of the many fine retailers where the VeraTemp Thermometer can be purchased.  In New York City, you can find a Duane Reade in every neighborhood, and in the suburbs, most of these other retailers are in the neighborhood.

Online, you'll find VeraTemp through Amazon or many other cybershopping sites.  Visit KidzMed on the web at .  Sign up for their newsletter to be eligible for contests and giveaways, and to get KidzMed news.   You'll also find KidzMed on Twitter and Facebook.

I think this a wonderful product and I'll be getting a lot of use out of ours.  If you like the VeraTemp, you might also like the other KidzMed products.  They have a medicine dispensing pacifier, Whistle Watch device to help catch asthma before it becomes severe, and a Scald Safe Bath Thermometer.

I received a VeraTemp thermometer in exchange for an honest, blogged review.  I was not paid to write this post and my opinions are genuine.