Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wreaths of Maine - Beautiful Christmas Decorating, Homeschool Friendly Fundraising @WreathsOfMaine #Christmas #hsreviews

Wreaths of Maine
Wreaths of Maine
  • Double Faced Balsam Fir Wreaths
  • Made by Hand in Maine
  • Fresh, Fragrant, and Full
  • A Great Fundraising Activity for Homeschool Families
  • Gifting Option Available
  • Place Orders With Students, or Through the Website
While my boys were public school students, they often came home with fundraising projects.  Every month there would be catalogs or flyers for new fundraisers.  I always felt obligated to buy overpriced wrapping paper, chocolate, nick knacks or raffle tickets.  The school would make a few cents for every dollar I spent.

When we began homeschooling, I thought our fundraising days were over.  It never occurred to me that there would be a way for a single family to take part in a fundraising effort.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out how many homeschooled children save for projects, trips, camps or other activities by selling Wreaths of Maine.

This mail order wreath company was founded by a homeschool family in the 1990's and now they do a great job serving the homeschool community with this opportunity to earn a commission check each Christmas season.

Wreaths of Maine

These beautiful and decorative Christmas wreaths, swags, sprays and ropes are handmade from freshly harvested tips of New England Balsam Fir trees.

There is a smell that is unique to the wooded forest areas in the true NorthEast and Canada, especially on a winter day.  Wreaths of Maine delivers that same, one of a kind smell to doorsteps across the country each holiday season.

If your family is interested in earning funds through a homeschool fundraiser with Wreaths of Maine, you should begin by visiting the website.  There you will see the different styles that are available, and their prices. When you decide to proceed, the How to Sell page on their website gives more details about how the program works.  There are links to follow to sign up online, or you may call 1-800-676-1132 to speak with a  representative.  There is also a contact form that can be filled out for email correspondence.

Once a seller's account is established, a kit with detailed instructions will be mailed out.  It includes all the paperwork, instructions to ensure that everything is filled out properly, selling tips, and color brochures. There are also order forms, address labels and envelopes to be used when mailing forms back to the company.  If desired, a demonstration wreath can be ordered at a discounted cost.

As orders are gathered, there is a sales record sheet to keep a running tally of how much is earned per item sold.  There are also bonus items awarded after selling 15 wreaths, and again if 35 are sold.  The salesrecord is sent in and payment is made in one lump sum at the end of the season.

Whether selling door to door, or inviting friends and family to order via the internet, a unique code is assigned to ensure proper credit is awarded.  To be sure no mistakes are made, there is an illustrated sheet with visual instructions for filling out order forms, too.  If at any time you require more supplies, they will promptly send you more.

Order forms are to be sent back to the company each week from October through the end of November.  (don't let them pile up!) Shipping begins around Thanksgiving and continues straight through until December 22nd.  (ship dates are per customer request)  Customers may also indicate if a wreath is a gift, and a special gift card will be included at no extra charge.

Wreaths are shipped in sturdy, decorative boxes, like this:

Wreaths of Maine

When ours arrived, I opened the box and found a neatly and tightly packed wreath nestled in with some tissue.  The bow was cleverly tucked into the center hole to prevent it from crushing.

Wreaths of Maine

As soon as I took it out of the box and let it breathe, the greens began to open up and fill out.

Wreaths of Maine

This comparison shows the difference between the wreath when it arrived,

Wreaths of Maine

and what it looked like a few hours later.

Wreaths of Maine

I am also pleasantly surprised at how well the greenery is holding up, since we have had unusually warm weather.

The wreaths are fragrant and full, with greens wired onto both sides.  Ours is more than two feet across and came with its own hanger.  To give you a better idea, here is what it looks like hung up on the front door.
Wreaths of Maine

What a cheerful and festive way to brighten the doorway, and greet holiday guests!  The pine-cones and sprigs of flowers are real, too.

Prices range from $31.00 to $47.00.  Shipping is $3.95 per item.  Sales tax is applicable to residents of Maine, only.
Wreaths of Maine

To see all the beautiful style choices, learn more about the company, the wreath-making process and  their fundraising programs, visit the website at www.wreathsofmaine.com .  You'll also find testimonials from other families.

Wreaths of Maine is on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  Follow them to get inside information on special sales and promotions.

Some other members of the Old Schoolhouse Crew review team have also received beautiful wreaths.  You will find their reviews linked to the crew blog.

As a member of the Old Schoolhouse Crew, I received a wreath and a fundraising kit in order to write an informed, blogged review.  I was not paid to write this post, and my opinions are genuine.