Friday, December 2, 2011

Great Commission Languages – The Easy Spanish, Level 1


The Easy Spanish, Level 1
  • One Spiral Bound Manual
  • Two Enhanced CDs with Audio and Printables
  • Customizable Program can be used with students from Grade School to High School
  • 36 Lessons – Can be Divided over 1,2 or 3 Years
  • No Prior Spanish Instruction Required
  • Christian Based Curriculum Includes Scripture and Culture Study
  • Retail Value $139.95
  • Student Supplies Required - A Two Inch Binder with Three Sections, Spanish/English Dictionary, A Book of Conjugated Spanish Verbs
Great Commission Languages – The Easy Spanish, Level 1

The Easy Spanish, written by Marie Filion is designed to help students learn conversational Spanish in an easy, natural fashion.  The second goal is to prepare the student for The Great Commission.  In the Great Commission, Jesus called every Christian to step out in faith and spread the good news.  There is Scripture memorization, and Christian themes are presented in the intructional stories.  It was not surprising that this company also works closely with missionaries.

A younger student could take up to three years to complete this course, the older, independent learner could do it in one.  We fall somewhere in the middle.  It will probably takes us through the rest of this school year, and partly into next year as well.

Whichever time table works best for your family, you will find a well laid out course of study with lesson plans.  There are also checklists to follow so that nothing is forgotten or missed.  There is an introductory note and directions for parents, to be read before beginning, and teacher helps placed in each chapter.  There is also a very encouraging note for teens which discusses discernment, humility and wisdom.  In addition to giving helpful advice about how to do the coursework, it also includes some fortifying advice for life.

Here is how the program works:

Each lesson centers around a story told in a Spanish weave.  Early lessons are mostly English with a peppering of Spanish terms.  As the course progresses, the scripts become more Spanish heavy with a few English cues.

The story is played on the CD while students follow along with the written text.  This occurs each day, along with an audible vocabulary list.  Over the course of a week, it becomes quite familiar.

There are accompanying activities to choose from, some with printable worksheets.  There are some Charlotte Mason inspired activities that follow - such as narration for younger children, and a keepsake book, ¡Soy Yo! (It's ME!) which will be completed over the 36 lessons.  Independent learners will have more challenging assignments, also from a CM model. Journaling in Spanish, for example.

Teacher helps, Scripture memory work, cultural notes and trivia about various cultures are also included in every chapter.

Student work is kept in a two inch ring binder with three sections.

Phonetics are stressed, and knowledge is built up in small increments.  There are helpful flash cards in the with the pronunciation rules included.  These are to be cut and laminated for the students before starting the course, or you may purchase them through the website for $10.  It is also suggested that students have an English/Spanish translation dictionary and a book of Spanish verb conjugations.

There are also quite a few helpful appendices.
  • Spanish Phonograms
  • Spelling, Pronunciation and Language Rules
  • A Page About Possessives
  • Sentence Structure
  • Spanish Phonograms for Audio Practice
  • Some Grammar Pointers
  • Everyday Vocabulary
These are great reference sheets and I have copies of them in a few places for easy access.

Because there is no consumable workbook, the printables may be used for all the members of a family, but license is specifically single family.  Co-Ops and other groups must provide a copy of the program for each family, but volume discounts are available.

View sample pages from the Spanish Programs on this page


Overall, I think this a good program for our family.  In our city there are many different Hispanic cultures, living and interacting.  The Spanish my children hear is a mix of Puerto Rican, Cuban, Mexican, Venezuelan, and more.  Usually the Spanish is interspersed with English.

This is also the method of learning that works well for my children.  If they listen to the words in context, they have the ability to recall them easily.
This is not the formal, classroom Spanish I learned in High School, but it does include grammar and structure.  It can also be used for High School credit, and there is even a page about how to do CLEP testing and get college credit after completing this course.

Finally, once our family is finished with The Easy Spanish, we may return it, complete with CDs, as a donation to a missionary family.  In return, I will receive a 30% credit toward Level 2!

The Great Commission also has a Junior Spanish Program, and French Courses, too.


I received a copy of this program in order to provide an informed, blogged review.  I was not paid to write this post and my opinions are genuine.