Thursday, December 8, 2011

Max and The Magic Marker for DS

max and the magic marker banner
  • Puzzle Platform Game With Levels
  • Combine Critical Thinking with Game Skills 
  • Navigate Obstacles and Dangers in Max's Way
  • Unlockable Challenges, Secrets and Rewards
  • Draw the solution to Max's Problems to Progress
  • Fun worlds inspired by Children's Drawings
  • Music by Danish Band Analogik
  • Rated E for Everyone
  • Suggested Retail Price $29.99
Max and the Magic Marker - Now Available for DS

max and the magic marker DS

Young Max loves to draw.  One day he gets a mysterious mail delivery with a wonderful gift.  A magic marker.  Well, not a plain old magic marker.  A MAGIC Marker in the true sense of the word - When he draws, his pictures come to life!

Unfortunately, he drew a monster, and well.. it's never good to have a monster running around!  

Max is already well loved on some other platforms, but because of the stylus, this game works so well on the DS!  

Now that the marker is controlled by the stylus, it is easy to keep up with Max, and still draw him a shelter or a set of stairs. 

Gameplay requires moderate skill, and the ability to think of what Max will need, but drawing doesn't have to be elaborate.  (which is good news for me!)

There is some mischief and cartoon violence - the rating is E, for Everyone.  The game has appeal across all age groups.  It combines fun, and critical thinking.  

In the screenshots below, you will see Max putting his marker to good use, keeping himself dry, and getting around.
max and the magic marker screenshot

                             max and the magic marker screenshot

The DS version also has some new content that won't be found on other platforms.

Released last month, you will find Max and the Magic Marker for DS at most retail locations where video games are sold.  It can also be purchased through several online shopping venues.  For more information please visit

In exchange for an honest, blogged review, I was given a copy of this game.  I was not paid to write this pot, and my opinions are genuine.