Friday, December 16, 2011

@OralB and @Crest - Caring for Your Child's Teeth Through all Ages and Stages #OralBCrestFORME

OralB Stages

We were very lucky to be chosen as part of a recent Mommy Parties campaign and this one is dear to my heart.

I am a huge oral hygiene fanatic.  I actually enjoy dental visits, and I brush and floss happily.  When my boys were young, I was determined to pass my love of a clean mouth on to them.  Oral B Stages always made that easy.  Trips to the toothbrush aisle were always a treat, and they took great care to find toothbrushes and toothpaste with their favorite characters.

The purpose of our party was to raise awareness of the fantastic systems that Oral B and Crest have designed so that kids can have exactly the right products for their stage of development.

Since our boys are eleven, they have graduated from the Disney character sets.  Now they are candidates for Crest ProHealth for Me. This product line is for kids 8 and up.

Crest Pro-Health for Me

Once we learned we were chosen, we looked forward to the day the party supplies arrived from Mommy Parties. They put together the most amazing party packs!

Ours was was designed for boys 8 and up, but they sweetly put in a few items for girls, and a few kits for kids a little younger so that little siblings weren't left out.  (Big thanks and a High-5 for  that!)

Here's a peek right out of the box:

Oral B and Crest Pro-Health for MeOral B and Crest Pro-Health for Me

Included in the kit:  
  • Cross Action Toothbrushes for Eleven Gift Bags and 2 for My boys
  • Three Full Sized Bottles of Rinse.  One to Keep, and Two to Share.
  • Full sized Bags of Flosser Picks
  • Full Sized Pro-Health Toothpaste for Each Child
  • A Full Sized Jar of Cars Gummy Vitamins and Small Sample Packs of Gummies for Each Gift Bag
  • A DVD Copy of Cars 2
  • Some Microwave Popcorn
  • Movie Style Popcorn Containers for Serving
  • Balloons
  • Gift Bags
  • A Game -Yucky Mouth vs Healthy Mouth
  • 26 Tips and Trivia for Healthier Teeth
  • Informational Handout Sheets for the Guests 
  • My Hostess Information
I assembled all of the products into gift bags:

Oral B and Crest Pro-Health for Me

It looks like the Tooth Fairy is trying to hone in on Santa's territory, putting gifts under the tree first this year!

On party day, it was very easy to get the kids interested in the information.  The tips and trivia were printed on laminated cards, and kept together on a ring.  It was super easy to use, and made me look organized.

The Yucky Mouth vs Healthy Mouth Game was fun.  It engaged the kids and helped them think about their dental health.  Your kids can play a similar game online at the Crest for Me webpage.  There is also an app available for iPhone or Android.

Then, the kids watched the movie and had some popcorn and snacks.  Popcorn is always a favorite treat, and they loved the containers, too.  It felt like a real movie theater!

Watching Cars2

When it was time to go, every child brought home their own gift bag so that they could get started down the path to great dental health.

Oral B and Crest Pro-Health for Me

 If you are looking for proper items for your child's needs, Oral B has several stages.  You will find more information on their webpage.  You will also notice that the products are marked, according to developmental stage, from ages 4 months and up.

Follow Oral B on Facebook and on Twitter.  Follow Crest on Facebook and on Twitter.

The items you see in this post were generously provided by MommyParties and Crest/OralB in exchange for posting about our experience.  I am never paid to write a blog post, and my opinions are genuine.