Monday, December 5, 2011

Transformers Mechtech Ultimate Optimus Prime by Hasbro

Mechtech Ultimate Optimus Prime 
Transformers MechTech Ultimate Optimus Prime 
  • Optimus Prime Truck WITH Trailer
  • Three Modes of Conversion
  • Lights, Sounds and Launching Projectiles
  • Suggested Retail Price $79.99
  • Ages 5 and Up Per Manufacturer (a difficult build/transform, per me)
  • Requires AA Batteries (included)
The MechTech Ultimate Optimus Prime Action Figure released by Hasbro this year is probably high on the wish list of most Transformers Fans this Christmas.  Why wouldn't it be?  It's a pretty impressive toy!  It converts into three modes, has flashing lights, projectile missiles, makes noises and repeats some cool Optimus Prime phrases.

Another thing that sets this figure apart is the trailer that was featured in the most recent movie release.

Mechtech Ultimate Optimus Prime

As you see it here, in truck mode, it rolls well, and looks nice up on display.  Transforming it is a little tricky.  The specs say for ages 5 and up.  At age five, my boys would have had a pile of broken plastic pieces on the floor.  This is NOT an easy transformation, but some cautious, patient time will produce this:

Mechtech Ultimate Optimus Prime

A perfectionist may point out a few things that don't match up exactly with the Optimus Prime from the movie, but it is a pretty impressive figure overall.  He stands up well, and he stays together, two biggies for me.  The head is a little bit small, but the features are nice.

The trailer serves as a weapons depot/command center and also will become a mech suit for Optimus.  
Mechtech Ultimate Optimus Prime

Again, I might suggest that this is more suitable for children older than five.  The pieces can pop on and off, and require some patience and fine motor skills that the average kindergarten  student probably hasn't developed yet.  

Fans of all ages will love the impressive size, as well as the lights, sounds and other cool features of this amazing toy.



Hasbro occasionally sends me toys to review, and sometimes I will post promotional items on their behalf.  I am never paid to write my posts and my opinions are genuine.