Sunday, January 29, 2012

The 2012 Toy Fair

Toy Fair NY

Before the week is over, it will be February.   This makes me happy for a few reasons.  One more month of winter will be behind us, Valentine's activities are fun, and The Toy Fair is coming to town.

I love toys.  My blog is full of toys and games.  I love them for the fun, but they are also great tools to use with Asperger kids.  Teaching imaginative play, turn taking and sportsmanship is important for all children, but especially for kids like mine.

Each February, the Toy Fair comes to New York.  From the 12th - the 15th, over 1,200 exhibitors will be showing off what's new this year.

Most vendors are set up at the Javitts Center, and a few, like Hasbro, have their showrooms off site.

I am counting down the days, and will share my tales of adventure when it's over.  I have also decided to add a Toy Guide tab to this blog that I will add to as the year goes along.