Monday, January 23, 2012

Check Out #Tide ColdWater Detergent! #WashCold @SheSpeaksUp

Tide ColdWater Detergent
  •  Formulated Specifically For Cold Water Washing
  • Available in Liquid, HE Liquid, or Powder Form
  • Fresh Scent or Mountain Spring
  • 50 - 150 oz Sizes
  • All Ingredients Comply with the Consumer Product Safety Laws
  • A P&G Future Friendly Product
  • Available In Grocery Stores and Mass Merchandise Retail Locations (Prices Vary)

Meet My nemesis:

Tide Coldwater 03

That's my laundry hamper.  It seems harmless enough.  It doesn't talk, it doesn't move, but it has an insidious problem.  It spawns dirty laundry.  I will empty it, and feel content knowing that all of the laundry is clean.  I smile, and perhaps make myself a cup of tea.  I return back to the hamper, and it is full again.

<insert primal scream>

As a loving mother and wife, I want my family to look good, and well cared for.  I want their clothes to be clean and free of germs.  I want the whites to be white, and the brights to be vibrant.

I was always taught that whites need hot water, and colors should at least get a warm wash with a cold rinse.  At the same time, using hot water means that the water heater is kicking on, and that's costing precious dollars.  In this economy, I'm always looking for ways to save money.

P&G has produced a fantastic new line of Tide detergent that solves the problem for me.  I can wash in cold water, and still have clean whites and bright colors.

I was sent a bottle of Tide ColdWater so that I could try it myself.

Tide Coldwater 02

You'll see the bottle sports the familiar Tide logo, so you'll have no trouble finding it in your grocery store or favorite mass merchandise location.

So, how did it work?  Well, my biggest concern was the whites.  Here is a side by side with something washed previously.  The freshly laundered shirt on the left has now been washed in Tide Coldwater several times.  Placing it beside the tee shirt I pulled out from the summer clothes, (to ensure it hadn't been washed in the new detergent yet) You'll probably notice that the one washed in cold water looks cleaner, and whiter!

Um, okay.. I'm sold!

Tide Coldwater 01

How does the ColdWater formula work so well?   The secret is in a technology using surfactants.  You can learn a little bit about those on the Tide website.  These new products have more surfactants than the regular formulas, and this allows the detergent to get in deeper and release dirts and oils.

I'm hoping to see a Free and Clear version developed, soon!

P&G has an extensive line of Future Friendly products, like some of the ones seen below.  Quite a few of my favorites are in the lineup!

Tide 01

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If you prefer social media, Tide is on Facbook, and Twitter, too.

My trial and review was part of a SheSpeaks campaign.  You can find many more opinions on the website or on blogs all around cyberspace.

As part of the Tide ColdWater SheSpeaks campaign, I was given a bottle of the detergent to try in my home in order to provide an informed, blogged review.