Thursday, January 19, 2012

Have You Seen a Ponchillo? @Ponchillow

ponchillo logo
What is a Ponchillow?
  • It's a Poncho 
  • It Has Built in Pillow 
  • It's Cozy 
  • It's Fleecy 
  • It Has a Hood 
  • It Has a Kangaroo Pocket in the Front 
  • It has Handy Pockets on the Inside 
  • It Comes in Kid, Adult and Doggy Sizes 
  • It Costs $29.99 for Adults or $24.99 For Kids 
  • If You Buy Two, you can Get one Free With the Code OURVILLAGEIS

The Ponchillow is a new, innovative way to stay cozy without sacrificing mobility.  These are great for home, or outdoors.  When I first saw one, I immediately thought of my father.  He was an avid hunter, but he also loved a good nap.  He would have really put a Ponchillow to good use. Here you can see some of the neat features:


The pillow is attached, and sits under the hood.  When it is time to use it, the hood flips up, and the pillow fits behind the head without slipping. The pockets are great.  The kangaroo picket in front is perfect for keeping hands warm.  The three inside pockets can hold keys, a cellphone, or even a drink!  Because they are on the inside, your items are safer and more secure. The material is as soft, cozy, and fleecy.  It comes in these patterns, and for Valentines Day, there is also a new, bright, "Cupid Red" as well.

ponchillo fabric choices

If you are looking to outfit the whole family with their own Ponchillows, use the code OURVILLAGEIS at checkout and get a special buy two, get one free offer.  

ponchillo special offer

Boy Two thinks the Ponchillow is a great invention.


You will find Ponchillow on the web at . they also have a Youtube Channel, a Facebook Page, and a Twitter Account.  The Ponchillow has also been featured in the SkyMall Magazine - wouldn't you love one for a plane trip?

Ponchillow will also work with you if you are interested in fundraising projects, and they have a fun photo contest on their page as well.

We thought these were cute, and clever, and comfy, too!


In order to write an informed, blogged review, our family received a Ponchillow.  I was not paid to write this post and my opinions are genuine.