Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Toydle Forts - @Toydle

Toydle Forts

Toydle High Quality Toy Forts
  • Sturdy Toy Forts
  • High Quality Tubes are Free of Phthalates
  • Wooden Connection Blocks are Handmade
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Kit Comes With a Heavy Duty Storage and Carrying Bag
  • Clips for Attaching Bedsheets, Blankets or Tarps are also Included
  • Made in the United States
  • Recommended Ages: 3-10 - (Young Children Should have Adult Supervision)
  • Forts Come With a LIFETIME Guarantee
  • Toydle is On the Web, on Facebook, and On Twitter
I don't think a boy ever outgrows his love of a great fort, and my boys now have one that will last them for life.  The Toydle company has produced every fort builder's dream come true.  Full kits for for sturdy forts.  Just add imagination and some sheets and blankets.

Toydle Forts

The kits consist of sturdy PVC pipe with just enough flexibility to prevent breaking, and just enough strength to stand up to real, rough and tumble kids.  But, if you ever were to break a piece, Toydle would replace it.  There is a lifetime guarantee with each sale.  How's that for customer service?

The photo above is an assembled fort, which provides 45 square feet of fun.  Here is a picture of a complete Big Fort kit fresh out of the box:

Toydle Forts Contents

This kit can be assembled to provide up to 90 square feet of fort.  Yes!  NINETY square feet!  We've built some pretty impressive structures!

Toydle Forts Connections

The PVC pieces are joined with these wooden blocks.  These help provide stability and strong connections.

Toydle Forts

Here we are with a huge, two story design.  The boys are getting ready to build another area onto the front of what is already there.

Toydle Forts

This completed project had the large two story area, which they used as their Jedi training room, and the piece they are adding on was their conference room where they had meetings and made plans.  

The pieces have also been constructed to form long tunnels, and side by side forts, too.  The kit comes with no formal instructions.  Kids are encouraged to make a plan, build it, and use their imaginations to play.  My boys did all three.   

The industrial strength bag holds everything inside, so cleanup is easy, and the pieces won't get lost.  There are even clips included, so that sheets will stay on securely.   You may also have noticed the special pieces included to make a realistic roof shape.  I thought that was a very nice touch. 

Toydle Forts

The retail value of this BIG Fort is $229.99.  The original fort sells for $149.  Both can be purchased through the website or from Amazon.

Robert Brownfeild, the owner and creator of Toydle, is a great problem solver. (He's also a dad of twins!)

Rob created Toydle because he noticed that most of the toys he was buying for his kids were not made very well, and often broke. Experienced in manufacturing, he was able to put his knowledge to use when he began making Toydle forts.  

For more information visit www.toydle.com or email info@toydle.com .  If you would prefer to call, the number is 1-(208)371-9929.

If you live near Boise, Idaho, you can even stop in the shop for a visit!  There is an open invitation on the web page.

The address is:
Toydle LLC
7614 W. Lemhi St., Suite 11

Boise, ID 83709

If you don't live near Boise, Rob has begun putting up short videos on his blog, so that everyone can get a little peek into the world of Toydle

Toydle provides a great chance to buy American, and support small business.

As a member of the TOS Crew I did receive a Toydle Fort Kit in exchange for an honest, blogged review.  I will be posting about our experience and our thoughts next month.