Monday, February 6, 2012

Hasbro Taboo - What You Don't Say Matters!

Hasbro Taboo 01

Taboo - A Hasbro Game
  • A Game for Four or More Players - Working in Pairs
  • Best Suited For Adults (A Junior Version is Available For Children)
  • Playing Time 15-20 Minutes
  • 2 AA Batteries Required
  • Includes Over 500 Word Cards
  • MSRP $26.99
Taboo is a fun and easy party game.  It doesn't take long to set up or to play, and everyone always has a lot of laughs.  The object of the game is to guess the work on the chosen card.  The twist is, you may not use any of the "taboo" words when giving your teammate hints.  There is no drawing or gesturing, either.

Hasbro Taboo 03

In this example, the word is yearbook and the Taboo (forbidden) words are photos, class, sign, memories, and school.  I might use words like book, graduate, sports, etc to help my teammate guess, but if I use a Taboo word, we have to move on to a new card, and we lose a point.  If we guess a word correctly, we gain a point and move on to the next card.  Members of another team act as our censors, to ensure we don't do a Taboo.  They get a fun buzzer to use, and most censors are itching to use it!

There is a turn timer.  Each team tries to guess as many words as possible before time runs out. The scoring is easy, as I described it above.  When the time is up, the +1's and the -1's are all added together.  The team with the best score wins.
Hasbro Taboo 02

As you can see, the game comes with 504 Taboo Cards, a Card Holder, The Taboo Buzzer, A Timer, and a Score Pad.  Bring your Own Pencils and Two AA Batteries.


You can find Taboo wherever Hasbro Toys and games are sold, and through many internet retail sites.


Taboo is Hasbro's Spotlight Game this Month.  This is an informational post.  I was not paid to write it, and did not receive a copy of the game.